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Mayo New Grad Program Arizona 2012

  1. 0 Starting a new thread about the Mayo Clinic new grad program with application dates Oct. 18 & 19. Anyone else apply?
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    I did. It feels like such a long shot though.
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    I applied as well. I'm hoping the fact that I had med/surg clinicals there and a BSN will make a difference, but I know it's highly competitive.

    Good luck to everyone!
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    I applied!! I live in California and will be moving to Scottsdale in January. ASU graduates are 100% in for an interview right?
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    Just curious, why would you think ASU grads are guaranteed an interview?
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    Hi- I have not heard that ASU graduates are guaranteed an interview and would also be interested in where that came from.

    Good luck everyone. If we can, let's update this thread if anything changes on your status or you get a call/email, etc... I know we are all chomping at the bits to get in.

    Anyone have any idea how many people applied?
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    Just word of mouth, but I guess I am wrong and I meant to say ASU graduates that had their clinical's there. I know that in CA many hospitals will give you an interview if you had a clinical at their hospital. I am not sure how many people applied, but it is probably better than California Lets definitely keep everyone up-to-date with everything, it will ease our minds a little. You never know we may be working together in the future!!
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    Hey everyone!

    I also applied but haven't heard anything back yet. I live in Oregon and the job market for new grads horrible. I'm hoping I can at least land a interview w/ Mayo Clinic!
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    I just got the rejection email
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    I got my rejection letter this afternoon. Congrats to those who received interviews.
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    I also got my rejection letter, what a bummer! The only good thing I can say is at least they had a pretty straight forward application process and let us know fairly quickly. I hope to land something soon, I'm so tired of rejection letter after rejection letter!
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    I applied as well for the Critical Care Residency and I have an interview in a week. YAY!! I can't wait. Has anyone else made it to the interview stage??
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    Hi jlwvip,

    Sorry I can't PM you just yet.

    Congrats on getting an interview for the critical care! Mine will be for med/surg. I'm so nervous since this will be my first interview ever .

    Anyone know the interview process for Mayo? Any advice, questions, or insights will be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!