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    I also got my rejection letter, what a bummer! The only good thing I can say is at least they had a pretty straight forward application process and let us know fairly quickly. I hope to land something soon, I'm so tired of rejection letter after rejection letter!

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    I applied as well for the Critical Care Residency and I have an interview in a week. YAY!! I can't wait. Has anyone else made it to the interview stage??
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    Hi jlwvip,

    Sorry I can't PM you just yet.

    Congrats on getting an interview for the critical care! Mine will be for med/surg. I'm so nervous since this will be my first interview ever .

    Anyone know the interview process for Mayo? Any advice, questions, or insights will be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Mayo has a very behavioral interview style. Study up on behavioral interview questions and be prepared to give your example answers. All candidates are asked the same questions.
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    Has anyone heard any news, good news hopefully?
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    Not Yet!! But I remembered recruiter didn't ask me what unit I wanted to be on during interview. Did she ask you, ML1234?
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    Yes she asked me to pick my top three units. Who did you interview with? I wonder if we all interviewed with the same person. I hope we hear something back this week, I am so anxious

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