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Mayo New Grad program

  1. 0 I applied for the Mayo clinic new grad program the first day the position was available (they had the position online from the 14-16 of this month). Does anyone knows when they start calling for interviews and more importantly what is their criteria for selecting the applicants? I know they probably look at the GPA but I wonder if BSN have more priority than ASN degrees. Any information will be appreciated.
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    Mayo is not looking for new grad ADN(s)...BSN is very high priority right now. If you have work experience, BSN not so important.
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    I also applied and waiting to hear the news. Good luck =)
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    I also applied. Have you heard anything yet?? I'm anxiously waiting!!
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    When I applied (Mid september) they sent me an email and called me the first week of October to schedule for an interview in late October. Hopefully you hear something soon.
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    I am waiting to hear back too. Its 3 weeks tomorrow, hopefully sometime this week?? Anyone know how many applicants they typically get? I bet they were swamped with amazingly qualified applicants this year...
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    I got a call for an interview today!!! I will not have a BSN yet, I am in an ADN program.
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    do you know if they let the entire pool of people accepted for interviews know today? thanks
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    congrats on the interview! My phone has been dead all afternoon so hoping,wishing and praying I have a vmail. Flips, I would think it would be over the next few days, not just today so don't give up.

    430 applicants this time around, whew!
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    thanks katsie. still haven't heard anything yet... but congrats to those who got interviews!
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    I just learned today via email I was not accepted into the Mayo New Grad Program starting June 11, 2011. I graduated from an ADN program in November 2010 and this is the second New Grad Program I have applied for. The first was Chandler Regional Medical Center-I did get interview with Chandler Regional in February and thought I had a great interview/rapport with the interviewer but didn't make the final cut. I know the programs are very competitive with limited slots. I have applied for two more opportunities and hope to hear something soon!

    For those who are getting into the Mayo New Grad Program...Congratulations! What level of education do you have? Curious if they hire both ADN and BSN or if they are focusing on BSN applicants. With 400+ applicants stated above it is extremely competitive.

    One of my fellow nursing students says "A setback is nothing more than a setup for a comeback!" . For those who didn't get accepted...keep on applying and Good Luck!
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    anybody know if they tend to accept more people affiliated with the hospital? like techs/externs that have worked there? kind of stinks for those of us not from the area...
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    hi all! congrats to everyone who got interviews. i graduated with an associates and was offered a position at mayo in january it is an amazing hospital and i am so glad to be working there. just to let you all know, my new grad program is a mixed group of adn and bsn new grads, some had previously worked for mayo, some did their preceptorship there, and even some from out of state. for those of you who are still searching, i highly recommend volunteering or being active in the community. i knew i wanted to work for mayo before i even started nursing school, so i started volunteering there years ago. i truly believe my community involvement is what really set me aside from others.