May 2011 NAU accelerated nursing program hopefuls!

  1. I'm finishing up some prerequisites and taking the HESI test on Tuesday for the January deadline. I'm a bit nervous! I wanted to see if there are any other accelerated program hopefuls applying for NAU this spring!?

    Also, for the HESI, I heard that there is a&p, chem, bio, math, NO physics, but is there a grammar and a reading section?

    Good luck to all in the application process!
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  3. by   abvincent1
    Hey RunMt, I will be applying to NAU. I finished applying to the undergrad school recently and began the nursing application process as well. I have not taken the HESI, plan to do that the early part of January. I would not worry about the HESI, my understanding from those who have taken it is that it's rather simple. I have finished all the prerequisites with a 4.0
  4. by   Southern Magnolia
    I'll be applying in March to the traditional program at the Tucson campus. I wanted to do the accelerated program because I already have a degree in English but they don't offer it in Tucson.

    I've started preparing for the HESI. Maybe just me but I'm worried about the A&P. I did great in A&P and love it but there is so much info. It's been a year since I finished A&P II. Thankfully, I have all my notes.

    Good luck to you both.
  5. by   RunMT
    I've applied to NAU and I am working on the nursing app as well! I take the HESI tomorrow, and guess what? Woke up with a 101 degree fever and a gnarly chest cold this morning, and I'm past the 48 hour cancellation deadline. Great. Haven't been sick in years, and my body chooses TODAY. It's really important I do well since they tabulate scores based on HESI test scores, prerequisite GPA and how many prerequisites you have finished by January. I still have 2 more prerequisites to go, and since I've tested out of many of the prerequisite classes (CLEP and AP credit), the one B I have really brings down my GPA. The adviser I talked to said getting in was "doable" with a solid HESI score. Yikes. That's pressure. And speaking of pressure, I'm off to try and get what seems like a huge elephant off my chest. Ugh.
  6. by   Southern Magnolia
    Run -Oh man that stinks. I hope you've recovered. Good luck!
  7. by   RunMT
    Thanks Nomad! Fever broke last night, and I felt a bit better this least comparatively...i was definitely still a struggle today. I did fine on the test though (I think?). It seems like HESI scores are hard to gauge since there are so many different versions. I wonder what the NAU average was last year? I also wonder if they actually use all the scores on all the tests to compute a cumulative score? I read somewhere that although they test you on 11 subject areas, they only consider reading, math, and A&P or something... Hmm...
  8. by   Southern Magnolia
    I don't know about what scores they look at for sure but I'm sure the scienes and math are crucial. My feeling is the other sections confirm that you're a half-way intelligent person that can hack the amount of reading needed to do well in NS. From previous threads I got the impression I need to get around 90% overall. I don't know how accurate that is though. Just my guess. I did the A&P pretest and only got 50% (without reviewing anything first). So, I'm definately going to get some bonding time with my old A&P notes and text. Best of luck.
  9. by   abvincent1
    May I ask where you got the pre-test? My understanding is the test is universal, it does not change, which is why they won't release any questions. From those of whom have taken the test and I have spoken with, they said it was rather simple. I am planning to review what I can, but I haven't reviewed any thing and plan to take it the first week of January.

    If I don't get in to NAU, NYU is my second choice, yet NAU is my top choice.

    Can any of you point me in the direction of the study materials you are utilizing for this test?
  10. by   Southern Magnolia
    Study guide sample test. I bought the one recommened by NAU written by the test publisher. I should have called it a practice test not a pretest. Sorry.
  11. by   Southern Magnolia

    I know you can't give specifics but anything you can share about the HESI would be appreciated. What did you study? How did you prepare? Specifically for the sciences. Are you able to skip around when taking a section and go back over your answers or do you just have to answer in one pass (I've read different things).

    Was it easier than expected? It seems most people that have to take the HESI only do the general education stuff and not the sciences so a lot of the info on here doesn't seem to apply.

  12. by   abvincent1
    You take the HESI Nomad?

    I am planning to take it later this week and I am a bit nervous. I have studied a little bit, but not a lot. I reviewed some questions and did ok, but did miss some as well in the anatomy portion. Haven't reviewed the chemistry yet, and I despise the reading portion.

    Next week is the app deadline.
  13. by   Southern Magnolia
    Nope. I'm doing the traditional program because I'm in Tucson. I don't have to take the HESI until Feb. Deadline for us in March 15th. I've pulled out all my old A&P notes though and I've been doing as much as I can. I think I'm ok with the reading just nervous about how much detail the A&P and Chem will go into. Let us know how it goes.
  14. by   abvincent1
    I will let you know. I apologize I didn't read your entire message to see you were going traditional route.

    I just contacted NAU about accelerated program and they said they get 100 applicants for 30 spots. That is not a very good ratio of acceptance. Makes me a little concerned. In the application it states "We have received as many as 80 applications in the past"; so I wonder if perhaps she didn't exaggerate that number a little. Any one know any details about how many applicants they typically get to the accelerated program.

    They didn't know the number of males in the program either. I was just curious