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Maricopa Spring 2013 Placement

  1. 0 Hi I was hoping to start a thread to see how far placements for Spring 2013 end up going. I have a date stamp of 8/10 so I expect I won't be getting in until Fall 2013 but I would love to see just how far the placements go for the Spring. Thanks!
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    I just got placed today with my second choice at MCC late start. My time date stamp was 8/13/10 at 8:03 and I got placed!
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    Hey guys!
    I also was placed today my first choice MCC Spring 2013! My timestamp went way back to 6/10/2010 ! Although, I had to use my deferral in July of this year because I did not have the right level fingerprint card so I was NOT accepted for this Fall! PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A LEVEL ONE! It will save you tears ... thats for sure! But in any case I got placed today, everything happens for a reason! Also on the Placement Status website it says this: "Cutoff today was early in the Oct 2010 date stamp. We will be replacing openings returned to the system on 10/9." So, i wish everyone the best of luck!! Congratz to everyone placed!
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    I did get placed for Spring 2013 after all! I got my first choice at the Glendale hybrid program. I can't wait to start. Congrats to everyone that was placed for the spring!
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    Hi Jessica, I just got placed in the Glendale Hybrid program for Fall 2013 start... How do you like it? could you tell me what your schedule is like, and about how much were your books??
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    twash10, I start the MCC late start program in Feb. How has your experience been so far? Any pointers? I got my orientation packet, there's something about a $300/semester online package that I can't seem to get any info on. Any pointers?