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  1. I am hoping to apply in March for the LPN program at Gateway. I dont expect to be admitted for Fall but I would love to make it in for Spring 2010. (probably fat chance there too) I am wondering how long you had to wait, those of you already in the program and those who are currently waiting. I am also applying at EVIT but I think that I probably wont get in there either. But in the off chance I do, I dont want to start there and then be accepted to the Gateway LPN program the next semester. I prefer Gateway as a campus and they are much cheaper.

    Im open to any feedback you have on your experience.

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  3. by   2ndxstudent
    bumping this up
  4. by   brandy2010
    So did you get into the spring 2010 I seen were it's full now but I know this post was awhile ago so hopefully you made it. The website info was alittle scary they said there are 2150 on the waiting list so does that ever change I wonder ppl not wanting to wait and you get pumped up on the list. That wait time seems alot longer then my college ahhhh I feel stuck anyone know of a college that will accept you if you have every class finised, micro, all englishes, psy, a&p, chem all of them just dont wanna wait anymore.
  5. by   AZMOMO2
    The LPN program at Gateway is not on the website as far as I know and does not have pre-reqs other than the CNA. Its not part of the MCCDNP ( RN ). However you can get into Block 3 once you complete it if you get the required HESI score & have all the pre and co reqs done for the RN program... as long as their are spots. That being said there is at least a semester wait at this point from last I heard. I just finished the program and need to take Micro and Chm in order to get into Block 3... hoping to get a spot for May or Aug in the RN program.

    Oh try CAC (Central Arizona College ) its points based! The more you have done and the higher your GPA and HESI A2 score the more points you get!
  6. by   brandy2010
    Is gateway in Tucson? I have all my pre reqs done and would love to get started and one semester is better then a whole year.