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  1. I'm a RN with ICU, ER, and IMCU hospital experience currently working in Home Health and loving it. I'm looking to relocate to the Phoenix area this summer and would like to stay working in Home Health. I did visit one company the end of last year when we were in the area and was impressed with what they had to offer, but I'm looking for additional info by those of you 'in the know'. What is a good company to get in with? The company I currently work for has no agencies in AZ at all, so I will not be transferring. I am a case manager working in the field, and I want to stay that way but don't want to be hired by a company with a bad reputation or about to go under. What kind of pay should I expect? I make about double what I was making in the hospital setting, and I live in a very small area in southern IL. How soon should I apply for my license transfer and how can I go about doing that? Thanks for all your help. I might have more questions as the time to move gets closer. I'll be visiting in April as I'll be setting up interviews for that time.
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    The AZ board of nursing is pretty good with getting you a license. I applied mid April and had my license by the beginning of June. I also submitted my fingerprints with my license application though. Arizona is a compact state, so if you have any other licenses in other compact states that might hold you over until the AZ license comes through. If you pay extra, I think there's also an expedited option to get your AZ license. Banner homehealth is hiring. I've not worked for them, but they are one of the largest home health agencies in Phoenix. I would be curious to find out more about Banner home health from anyone who has worked with them.
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    Here's the link to the application packet for AZ licensure by endorsement.


    This is the link to the licensing page for AZ.

    Arizona State Board of Nursing | Applications

    Hope that helps.