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Hello! Just wondering if anyone has taken the Block 1 HESI Exit Exam before. Mine is scheduled for Monday, May 3rd, but our teachers haven't really given us much information about it. Anyone... Read More

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    [FONT="Century Gothic"]Hey - I am in block 3 so I've already taken the HESI 3 times... I know by now you have already taken it but my advice - buy the HESI BOOK!!!

    It will test you on stuff you haven't learned yet and the hesi book gives you "hesi hints"

    Here is the isbn: 9781416047759

    Look for it on half.com, amazon, bn.com, ebay ... you can even google online coupons that might help

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    Quote from pediRN2b
    Trina0606, you must be in the day program lpn program at gateway? I am in afternoon. We had ours Wed. I literally closed my eyes when I hit that button to get my score...LOL!

    Yes, there were a lot of priority questions. I also had several scope of practice and delegation questions. THere were a couple of anatomy questions as well. I purchased the HESI book that messagern suggested. It is a good book to study from in general. I just took the quizzes on the CD over and over as well as the Saunder's Nclex cd. That is pretty much how I studied and I did very well. Good luck!

    Nope good guess but i am in the EMCC Traditional RN program.
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    I can't figure out how to PM. Will you email me cocogirl80@gmail.com. I want to ask some questions about the exit Hesi. I think we are in the same boat.


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