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Grand Canyon University- Summer 2013 Phoenix

  1. 0 I just finished my application for the GCU summer start fast track program in Phoenix. I am so excited and nervous and wonder if anyone else is waiting to hear.
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    Moved to AZ State Nursing Programs for more response.
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    I just checked out GCU in person today after hearing/reading mixed reviews. I am also currently on the MCCCD waitlist and almost done with ASU pre-reqs. GCU pre-reqs are: ENG101 &102, SOC101, BIO 201, 202, &205, HCR240, PSY101 & 240, CHM 130LL or 151, Psy230 or MAT 206, MAT120 OR HIGHER, AND FON241. This is taken straight from their admissions packet. They require a TEAS test score of 70 or higher but only in reading and math. Much to my surprise and delight, there is a competetive application process. You MUST apply with a 3.0 minimum in the pre-reqa and once in the program, must maintain a minimum of 2.70. All nursing students with 3.0+ get scholarships per semester. They also give scholarships if you can play for their worship band. The advisors and tour guides were very nice and thorough. The nursing simulation labs were very up to date and small as was the class size which is fine with me. It is a nationally accredited school, unlike some private Christian colleges.
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    I graduated for GCU in nursing and absolutely loved it. Of course you are going to have the small hang ups that all schools have but the program it self is great. The school is continually growing but the nursing program becomes like your family. The teachers are there for you... Academically and personally. Their office doors are always open and they really help in all ways to get you to understand the material and pass. Even the Dean had an open door policy and helped all of us get jobs when we asked, wrote us recommendation letters. But anyways, that my experience in case you wanted more info on the school and program
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    What is the weekly schedule like? I live an hour away, so am wondering what the week looks like in regards to classes and clinicals.
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    Yes please reply! I also applied for summer was accepted last fall but couldn't accept the seat yet. How is the schedule? Tests? Hours?
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    RN2BPARK, the waiting is brutal! Keep me posted if you hear anything and I will do the same. I'm really hoping this is the week we will hear back.
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    Just got my letter...I got in!!
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    I got accepted also!! See you next Friday!! So excited!!!
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    Congrats to you guys for getting in. I'm applying for Fall & I heard its more competitive. I sure hope I get accepted. I'm so scared!!!
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    Good Luck! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!
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    Quote from LeighHartig
    Good Luck! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!
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    Hi, just wanted to let you know that I'm a friend of toy85 and wanted to let you know that i'm in for summer 2013 and the acceptance letter came in email today..