Grand Canyon University- Summer 2013 Phoenix - page 3

I just finished my application for the GCU summer start fast track program in Phoenix. I am so excited and nervous and wonder if anyone else is waiting to hear.... Read More

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    I just got into Fall 13 at Banner Boswell. I have a 3.85 GPA. I got a 92 and 95 on the TEAS. But I know that others made it in with lower scores. The biggest thing is to get all of your requirements done.
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    has anyone been through the fast track program that regrets it? Is it too intense or no?
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    I don't think it is too intense. There are for sure some stressfull times but it's completely manageable.
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    what do you mean have all your pre reqs done? I'm applying with one semester left of pre reqs. I'll be done before the program start.
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    hey what program are you in?
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    A couple people made it while still completing their pre-reqs on here.
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    I just applied for the Summer 2014 program at GCU and we were told by an advisor we would know on February 15. Is it weird that all of us still have no received anything? When did you guys get your acceptance emails?

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