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Hello, My name is Keisha and I am currently taking the prereqs for GCU's summer 2012 program. Is anyone else thinking about applying? My first choice is the program at St Joe's.... Read More

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    I don't remember getting an email. Who was it sent from?
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    By Grand Canyon University. The subject was Student Notice. My user name was firstname.lastname and the password was firstname.lastname01 so I would try that!
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    I tried it. It didn't work. Then I tried to reset my password using the firstname.lastname for the username. It said that an administrator must set up my account. I don't think I ever received an email.
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    Try pushing login after you do it and not register. That's what I was confused on earlier!
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    I played around with different variations of my name. I got it to work. I had to pay the $8.25. Now, I'm able to log on!
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    yeah that stupid fee!! haha your wearing your scrubs to that GCU orientation thing prior to SJMC right? I don't wanna be the only in them at GCU!
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    Yes. I think its kinda silly to change. We're leaving forum and going straight to St Joes.
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    I have to stop by the bookstore to get my nursing pin. They forgot to put it with my preordered book stuff. AHH
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    Me too! I don't have mine either.
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    So...How is your first week of classes going?! It's A LOT to take in, but it's so worth it!
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    It's going....LOL. There is A LOT of reading! I wasn't prepared! We have our 1st quiz Friday.
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    Hey I'm new to the site, I am accepted to fall 2012 nursing program at scottsdale and looking for insight? Is the program good for the money? How do you like the instructors? Labs, clinicals? Is financial aid/advisors awful as I've heard? Any/all words of wisdom would be great! Thanks!

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