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Hello, My name is Keisha and I am currently taking the prereqs for GCU's summer 2012 program. Is anyone else thinking about applying? My first choice is the program at St Joe's.... Read More

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    Thanks for the info! I didn't know they have a payment plan for fast track either!? I'll have to ask about it on Friday. I'm a little worried about how much money I'm going to have to pay out of pocket myself. I've been looking up scholarships online, but obviousy most of them won't help me for this first level. Well, actually...do we have to pay for the full year by April 6th or just the first level? How long does the payment plan spread the payments out for?

    I guess I could always wait for Friday to find out too! lol
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    The payment plan is only for the current block. So, by April 6, the first block's tuition is due. You can set up a payment plan though. 50% of YOUR OUT OF POCKET PORTION is due by April 6. Then the remaining 50% is broke up into 3 payments. One payment is due by the 1st day of class, the 2nd is due by day 30 of classes and the final payment is due by day 60 of classes.

    Hope this helps!
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    Actually that's exactly what I wanted to know! Thanks for the info! :0)
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    You're welcome! I just can't wait to start!!! I can't believe that I am FINALLY about to start nursing school. It has been a long time coming!
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    I know! I'm just as excited!! I took the "looong" path to get here, but I'm here!! Have you heard what time our orientation is on April 11th yet?
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    No, I haven't heard. I figured that they would probably send emails out on (or after April 6th). Everyone has to turn in their immunization info by then.
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    Oh yea...that's true! It'll be here before you know it! EXCITING!
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    I know! I can't believe I'm FINALLY about to start Nursing School!
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    I agree!! I'm getting all my stuff done and it's dawning on me nursing school is right around the corner!! I'm just trying to figure out this stupid loan thing, but sadly all I can do is wait for the financial advisors to get back to me. GAH! I even have my schedule made; but St. Joes hasn't come up with their times and days yet so it looks like I'm in 5 minute classes hahaha.
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    LOL! I know!