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Hello, My name is Keisha and I am currently taking the prereqs for GCU's summer 2012 program. Is anyone else thinking about applying? My first choice is the program at St Joe's.... Read More

  1. by   futrnursekj
    Stoofanie, that's EXACTLY what he told me to do. Said I didn't get flagged by the gov yet for being close to my federal aide allotment, but told me he wanted to verify that through someone first. That's what he decided to do the day I came in to see him, so now I have to wait until he hears back from them. I contacted him last Thursday, but he was on vacation too! He suggested I fill out an application for a private loan using Sallie Mae, since that was one of the agenies GCU has a contract with. Sallie Mae told me NO WAY, because of my outstanding loan balance I already have with them from undergrad. GRRR...so frustrating, because most of the info I found out was because I ASKED my advisor. Someone at my church told me they were in a similar situation with ASU and they were told to appeal the financial aid package since she wasn't working and had huge medical bills (which I have). She won the appeal and got more money, so she could actually afford to go to ASU.

    Now, the question is...will my advisor know how to appeal if I ask him?

    Wow johnnyarei!! You've been having fun just like me I see!! LOL I'm glad you told me about the payment plan or I don't think I would've found out from my advisor. I asked HIM about it! *sigh*

    I go back to GCU tomorrow to turn in all my immunization papers, so I'm going to pop in on my advisor and see if he can help me. Wish me luck!
  2. by   futrnursekj
    I met with my financial advisor again today and he was actually VERY helpful!! Pleasantly surprised.
  3. by   johnnyarei
    That's great!

    I have to go to GCU tomorrow for my immunization appt. I had to reschedule the last one.

    If just looking forward to April 11th...and then May 7th!!!
  4. by   Stoofanie
    I have to go to GCU because the nurse has yet to call me with all my stuff; she took my physical papers to wait for my titers to come in and promised she'd call me. Somehow this is not at all surprising. I'm waiting for my stupid tax returns to link to the IRS before I send all my stuff to ------- and the other financial counselor that insists he is mine too. Hahaha. I have no academic advisor anymore because she retired! I have gone through so many people that it's ridiculous!!
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  5. by   johnnyarei
    I agree! I am on my 4th academic advisor myself! It's just so uncoordinated. I hope the Nursing Program itself is my better. If not, I will be very disappointed.
  6. by   Stoofanie
    I was disappointed because ------ was the best one I had had!! And now she's gone and some guy name -------- called me. He's not my new one, but they're looking for a replacement! GRRRR!
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  7. by   futrnursekj
    Geez, I've had 3 advisors myself! I have ------ now and he's been great...again, pleasantly surprised! I actually saw your advisor on her last day. I was in there to meet ------ and she had balloons, flowers, and stuff all over her desk.

    I actually talked to -------- when I meet with her on Monday about the inconsistancy of the advisors. She said she was aware of it and was going to talk to the program director about more training for the advisors, especially the financial ones. They did a HUGE reshuffle a while back, so not everyone is caught up to speed yet.

    We also talked about the health insurance. She said advisors should be able to answer questions about it at least, but I asked both my finance and academic counselors about it and neither knew any info. I know that I am definitely one of those people who needs more info on their insurance! I read the info on Aetna's site...well attempted to skim the whole 65 pages...I need the cliff's notes version please! lol

    She promised me that the actual program isn't this uncoordinated!
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  8. by   Stoofanie
    I thought it was insane how much GCU wanted for health insurance! I was like NO WAY I'll get my own!! Haha. It's so long, I didn't get asked to be verified, but with my luck for Fall I probably will be haha. GCU loves verifying my information!!

    I heard the program isn't at all like this. It's just frustrating for the whole beginning to be like this. I had 3 now 4... temporarily until a new one gets appointed. I don't really talk to D. (because we can't mention names) that much. I saw her for my new schedule for spring then worked with my nursing admissions advisor. THEY HAVE TOO MANY! haha.

    I still can't get on the stupid PLUS loan site for my mom either. It's dumb because it basically says GCU is doing a different way but then GCU has no idea. And now I'm here...
  9. by   johnnyarei
    Thankfully, I already have insurance...So, I'm okay there! Honestly, it's going to be a struggle for me to pay for school. But I REFUSE, to take out another loan. I already have so many loans out already (for my 1st degree). I'm already in enough debt :-(
  10. by   futrnursekj
    I definitely understand that!! Unfortunately, I have no choice, but to take out some loans. I used all of my savings on my health issues and surgeries (from a car accident) and I haven't had enough time to save since then. I just hope to get a great paying job after school! lol I am applying for some scholarships for fall, so hopefully that will help some (if I get them of course).
  11. by   Stoofanie
    Did you see they put out our nursing schedules FINALLY? I'm so excited!
  12. by   johnnyarei
    No! Where can I find them?
  13. by   Stoofanie
    on your schedule on Angel!