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Hi everyone. I plan on applying to GCU's fall '12 program. I'll be competing with a 3.35 science gpa and a 3.5 cumulative. Anyone know if this could get me in? I haven't taken my teas yet but am... Read More

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    I would love to give you the name of my admissions guy but I am not sure he is there for the long term. Long story short, I have had 3 since I have been working with GCU. The last 2 have been really nice and helpful but I know that my most recent is actually an advisor from another campus- Tucson and he does New Mexico's program too I think. I would hate for you to go through the frustration I have with the revolving door of advisors. They may have a new contact for future semesters.

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    I got in!!! Just got my letter!!

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