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I just got news today that I have been accepted into the Gateway accelerated program that begins in August. Is there anyone out there that has been through this that can give me an idea of the... Read More

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    You very Welcome. i just want to ask do you work for MIHS ??
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    Awesome! Thank you!

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    You very Welcome, I just wanted to ask are you working for MIHS?
    Quote from rocknaz
    Awesome! Thank you!
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    Im not sure what that is.. but no I am not
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    I just got some Info from gateway college Just call them and give them your name and they will be able to give you some more info.
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    Can you tell us what info that you found out? I have called and called and only get voicemail. I have have left messages with no one returning my calls. I also emailed a few times. I don't know where you called, but I can never get through. And before you ask, yes I left my name and student ID so they could easily look up to make sure Im really in the program. I wish they would just send out the info already!
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    I was accepted into the fall accelerated program as well. I believe the secretary was out of the office for some time, that may be why you havent heard from anyone (voicemails, etc).
    Thanks for all the great info, I've been impatiently waiting as well.

    Is anyone planning on working while in school, if so, FT/PT? I work three 12s currently, and am unsure of what I'm going to do for scheduling in the fall just yet, I've heard so many conflicting things. I imagine, I'll go to 2 days (maybe less) per week, but am not sure.
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    Check your emails !! PK Sent info today 😃
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    Ok so I have got an email from --------- with all the stuff that necessary for nursing school. If you have not received an Email try calling her at Gateway Nursing Division phone: 602-286-8531 or email her . Now I was wondering if anyone wants to exchange phone numbers so we would be able to communicate little better and give good tips/support to each other just let me know if you do.
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    I found an iPad/iPhone app that is so helpful with NCLEX questions, flash cards, quizzes, mnemonics, lab values, strategies, nursing fundamentals etc. it is called "NCLEX Mastery", it is $25 but SO worth the money! This may be a really great tool to help with nursing school and prepping for the NCLEX!
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    I was reviewing some good old anatomy and physiology when I found this guy who has tons of videos on youtube that is very explanatory on all different subjects of anatomy and physiology. Really awesome resource for review! Check it out! Hope this helps!

    armando hasudungan - YouTube
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