Gateway Accelerated Fall 2011 Cohort

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    Just finished checking my acceptance for the fall 2011 cohort at gateway (accelerated program) and was wondering if anyone else has accepted placement here as well? Congrats to everyone who got selected and keep your chin up to those who are still waiting it'll be your turn real soon!!

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    I accepted placement today!
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    I just got my acceptance email today.
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    Did anyone get their information packets yet?
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    No not yet and I was actually just wondering when those are supposed to come in. Haven't heard anything since I received my acceptance email.
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    Thats good to hear. I have been wondering when it would come. Do you know our graduation date?
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    Its december 2012 but not sure of the exact date. Are you already registered at gateway as a student?
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    Yeah. I was admitted last semester. Are you? Do you have your cpr card?
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    No I've never attended gateway so I will have to go down and get registered. I do have my cpr certification. I work in a health care facility so we have to keep it up to date.
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    Ya I just have to update mine. Let me know if you get your packet!

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