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Hi everyone, I have Arizona RN license 2 months ago. I have been applied for more than 70 jobs in AZ, but I have not been considered for any positions:scrying:. I had 2 years ER experience and two years EENT out patient... Read More

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    Ok, your experience is not in the USA, while this is valuable it doesn't mean the hospitals look at your application as an experienced nurse. Are there new graduate programs available ? My guess is there is nothing open now.

    Have you looked at How about nursing homes?
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    well, it sounds like you're doing all the right things. I think even though you have experience in another country, some Recruiters may not take that into account and treat you almost like a new grad, so look for those type positions. Also, is your native language Spanish or something else?? I would keep taking the English classes and really market yourself as a bi-lingual nurse on your resume, which should be a big positive, especially for certain positions. Good luck, times are bad for everyone right now, especially new grads, and I really think they may be viewing you just from the time you passed your NCLEX over here.
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    I doubt the native language is Spanish since she comes from southeast Asia.