Finally on Maricopa wait list date time 2-10-12 8:02:47 - page 2

Now begins the 2-3 year wait. Anybody else in this batch? What are you doing while you wait? Let's get to know each other, it's going be some time til our number is up...... Read More

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    I am also applying in May. After this semester I will finally have all my pre & co reqs completed. I will also be graduating in May with an AA in general education ( not on purpose, but i i've completed that many damn classes to qualify)

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    I'm currently in the cohort with gateway and u of p. we had one class with u of p this January and now had a late start for block 1 that started last month. It's been great so far!
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    Quote from toochar
    Hi AZMOMO2,

    I'm going to attend the CEP meeting on 11/08/2012. I'm currently finishing my last BSN prerequisite. Do you know if I can put in my application while I'm finishing the class? Or do I have to wait till all the grades are in? How long does it take to find out if you got accepted into the CEP program?

    I'm sorry to throw so many questions at you But any information you can give me is nothing else but helpful.

    Thanks again.
    You can't apply until your grades have posted for all CEP prerequisites. It took about 2 weeks to hear from ASU, but I think NAU applicants heard sooner.
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    My time stamp is 6/10/11 8:02:28 a.m. (I have not been placed). If anyone out there gets placed this coming Tuesday (Sept/10/13), please post your time stamp. I would greatly appreciate it.

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