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Dont forget about EAC in Thatcher AZ!!! (East of Globe on Highway 70). I was on a wait list in Phoenix, called EA in November and started in January (finish this December)!! I pay like 750/... Read More

  1. by   abweaver
    What's up Eager Nurse... Well, the drive does indeed stink, I can't lie about that.. As far as the school goes, I would say that our school was a little harder than the public schools in the valley. The school does make you pass several benchmarks thruout school(hesi, math, pharm, etc..) in addition to test so it can be stressful but It's a good school. If Nclex pass rates mean anything it might be helpful to note that our class is batting a 1000 on the NCLEX so far.I know it's hard when you don't know anyone but you can rest assured that you will have some classmates driving up from the valley with you. In our class, 4 of us carpooled for 2 soild years so it was pretty cool. We used the time on the drive to study so it was really helpful to be honest.. If you are thinking about going then you should attend the class called "road trip" that takes place prior to school. You will then be able to meet some other students that might be driving up... If you have any other questions let me know...
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