Current pay In phoenix,scottsdale area BSN 13 yrs experience Current pay In phoenix,scottsdale area BSN 13 yrs experience | allnurses

Current pay In phoenix,scottsdale area BSN 13 yrs experience

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    I know this has been asked in one way or another 5,000 times but I havent found any current threads about this topic

    I am planning on selling my House in NY and moving to AZ permenantly, as I have a lot of family in the Phoenix/fountain hills area. I have been doing tons of research and spoke to at least 10 travel agencies that way I can scope the area until I find where I want to work as staff.

    most of the agencies are offering around 30-35 and 1000-1100 or so for living stipend. So the average Net,take home is around 1100-1400 a week. This is great but the cheapest I have found family insurance through any company is 700 a month. So plan B would just be to apply to a hospital as staff so I dont get killed for the insurance payment. Can anyone give me a ballpark as to what a staff Nurse with 13 yrs experience in either ER or tele/pcu would be an hour? Of course no hospitals advertise their payscale (except VA)
    Thanks so much!
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    I would say an agency is low-balling you with a pay rate of 30 bucks an hour. I worked
    on a seasonal contract about 3 years ago in northern AZ for 37/hr with 800/mo for housing.

    As staff, you will definitely make over 30/hr. I don't know if you could make over 35/hr
    but I would shoot for it.

    Warning - jobs are hard to find now even with a BSN and years of experience.
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    I'm working with Banner Travel and am doing better than that. You may want to look into them.
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    What are banners typical hourly rates for travel/stipend?

    Also do you have any idea what family insurance may be with them? D you get there regular benefits that you would get if younger their staff if you travel with them?

    Thank you