Chandler Gilbert accelerated May 2013

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    I was placed into the Chandler Gilbert accelerated program starting in May. Would love to hear from any future classmates!

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    I will be with you in the Chandler Gilbert accelerated program starting in May. Little about me: I am a 49 year old guy, going to nursing school as a second career. I was U.S. Army right out of high school, went to college, then worked on military communications systems. Retired from that a few years ago (found retirement utterly boring), moved to AZ, and got on the wait list and will start with you in May. I hope to work in the Veterans hospital eventually, working with the vets coming back from the Middle East.

    Have you heard anything from Chandler-Gilbert yet? I have not. Supposedly they send out some welcome packet or something, but I haven't gotten anything.

    Look forward to meeting you.
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    Hey there! I'm also scheduled to start in May. I haven't received anything yet either. Anyone hear what to expect for a summer schedule? Little about me-I'm a college graduate who worked in municipality recreation during and after graduation, through getting married and having 2 of my 3 kids. I've been home for a few years but since my youngest starts school in just over a year, I'm planning my re-entry into the work force. I excited and nervous to begin!
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    I received an email from Chandler-Gilbert today, with the Welcome letter and info about getting vaccinations, etc. The letter says orientation is Monday April 15th from 4-6 pm. You will probably get the email soon.
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    "Nobility only comes to those that have the ability to have courage to stand out and not be like the rest!"
    You all will be GREAT nurses!
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    Hi Everyone,

    I also start in May at CGCC. I'm very excited to finally get placed in the program, but getting nervous as it gets closer. I have been to the campus a few times already and its a really nice campus. Do any of you know if you'll get e-books or hard books? I have only had one experience with a e-book through MCC, and I didn't prefer the app that I needed to use to access it. I'm sure we will be updated with a ton of information on Monday at the orientation.
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    Hi everyone, wow, I'm so glad that you responded! I know the orientation is today (April 15th) and I am on a vacation with my family and could not attend. When it was scheduled for the 18th, I was ready to change my plane ticket, but then it changed to the 15th and that would have been cutting our trip in half. Thankfully, it was not mandatory. I hate missing it, though. I wonder if one of you would allow me to contact you after the orientation to find out what I missed?
    Have you all finished your medical evaluation? I didn't realize that we needed the CPR class and will have to schedule one in quickly when we get home.
    Charlie, my name is Donna... I'm 48, so I'm glad to know that I won't be the only one in my 40's there!! Thank you! I will keep checking back... perhaps in Orientation, everyone will get each other's Maricopa email addresses?? Hope so! Looking forward to starting with all of you!
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    Anyone at the Higley clinical site want to trade for M/Tues South Mountain?
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    Is there a list? Which one did I end up with? Donna Lessard.
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    No list. They just read the groups that were randomly picked. I'm pretty sure my group were all people with last names starting with m, n.... Other groups were southmountain area sat and sun, Higley street area (right by me which I would prefer) or Rural area. Last two were Mon/Tues as well. Did you get class schedule? Mon and Tues 830-4 and Wed/Thurs 830-1130

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