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Hello!! I just joined this site today because I was recently accepted into Chamberlain College of Nursing, I am scheduled to begin classes on March 1st and I was wondering if anyone else is going to... Read More

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    Quote from blueaurora
    Hi MystyqueOne,
    Question regarding clinicals... Do the clinical instructors make students memorize medications to the patients they chose/are assigned? I'm asking because the previous school I went the teachers made us memorize all the medications and it was one of the most stressing things about the school I was attending.
    No, the clinical instructors do not make you memorize the medications. They just want you to understand the concept of the major medications and which ones are used for which disease processes. The best thing to do is to memorize the suffixes of the common medications and from there, you will have an idea of what class the medications belong to (see below for list).

    Medication Suffixes

    (-olol) beta 1 blockers (adrenergic)

    (-cillin, -micin) antibiotics

    (-vastatin) antihyperlipidemia, antihypercholesterolimia

    (-tidine) anti-ulcerant, H2 receptor antagonist; preventive treatment, no signs of ulcers

    (-pine) Ca-channel blocker, anti-HPN; affects the blood vessel of heart

    (-rin) anticoagulant, anti-HPN; affects the blood vessels of the heart

    (-dol) non-opioid analgesic

    (-done) opioid analgesics

    (-sone) corticosteroids, anti-inflammatory

    (-nitrate) anti-anginal, vasodilator

    (-nol) antigout

    (-mine) anti-histamine

    (-sartan) ACE II antagonist, affects the kidney

    (-kinase) anti-thrombolitic, thrombolitic agent

    (-pril) ACE I inhibitors, affects the kidney

    (-mide) loop diuretics

    (-lactone) potassium-sparing diuretics

    (-prazole) proton-pump inhibitors; with evidence of ulcers scars

    (-mol) bronchodilators, beta 2 adrenergic; for DOB

    (-pium) beta 2 adrenergic; for DOB, relaxes bronchi

    (-aluminum, magnesium, hydroxide) antacids

    (-zepam, -lam) anti-anxiety, major tranquilizers

    (caine) local anesthetics

    (-ide) oral hypoglycemics

    (-nium) neuromuscular blocking agent

    (-vir) antivirals

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    I apologize if this question was already answered. Can you do all their pre-reqs at a cc to lower the cost?
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    Quote from ASHR
    I apologize if this question was already answered. Can you do all their pre-reqs at a cc to lower the cost?
    Yes, most all pre-reqs can be taken at CC.
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    Quote from mystyqueone
    i did purchase the clinical kit almost two years ago and to be honest, i only used three items from the kit. i put (used) next to the item below, stating i used it during simulations. i still have the bag sitting in my closet. oh well, at least i have a cool chamberlain zip bag i can use as a school/work bag for my books.

    keep in mind that i started chamberlain about two years ago, so a lot of things have changed, therefore, you may be required to use more items from the kit then i did. in addition, it's also good to have these items yourself for extra practice now that the school has extra hours available for more simulation practice.

    the following items are in the kit: (in no particular order) (items may be different as this kit was from 2009)
    *tracheostomy clean and care tray (used)
    *argyle salem sump
    *suction catheter kit (used)
    *foley catheter (don't have the exact name as label was removed) (used)
    *irrigation tray with 60 ml piston syringe
    *dressing tray
    *wound care tray
    *transfer/gait belt
    *continu-flo solution set
    *suture removal tray
    *basic cleansing enema bag
    *gauze sponges usp type vii gauze

    you are very welcome.

    i, too purchased the kit and probably used as much as you did. was it worth the $55? i don't think so. (i thought ours was $70, 2 1/2 years ago).
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    Quote from knicoll71
    I just have a quick Chamberlain question. I am 39 and haven't attended any college courses for over 10 yrs. How much is GPA a factor w/ older students? If I do really well on the HESI, do I still have a chance of attending in Oct.? I have psych, Eng. Comp, upper and lower level both, and Bio completed way back when, but have no clue what bearing that will have on things now.
    My dream has always been to be an ER nurse and I think Chamberlain is the quickest, most concise way to go about getting there. Anyone have any relevant info?

    Don't let your age stop you from your dreams. I can tell you, I'm older than that, and I started a couple years ago, in the BSN at Chamberlain. I've been on the Dean's List and Honor Roll many times since starting. (As you age, going out to the bars and late night parties aren't fun, anymore). You'll have an advantage over the younger crowd. You will see that there are many different age groups at Chamberlain. There are some "kids" right out of high school, there are some with degrees in other subjects that changed careers and there are older "kids" just starting out. It's what makes the classes so interesting, sometimes. Diversity... Some of the material, I think, is easier, being older. Good luck, though.
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    Is it already too late to apply for 2012 spring or summer start date? How long does the application process take? The School is unusually hard to get ahold of...
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    No go to their website it is not too late they said they are still accepting applications for their Feb start date. Just depends on how fast you can get things going.

    In this economy a BSN seems the way to go.
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    They aren't getting their NLNAC accreditation, they withdrew the application and everyone was informed today. I would avoid this school if you are counting on moving to another state that is picky about getting an education from a NLN accredited school.
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    They are getting CCNE accreditation which is higher than NLNAC
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    AZMOM- Did you attend Chamberlain? I am accepted for the July start date but I would like to know more about the school and finding a job after school.... If you did attend can you please give me some info? Thank you sooo much!

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