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Hey! Is there anyone attending Brookline College (in Phoenix, AZ) new accelerated bachelor's degree program. I plan to start it May 9th and would like to know anyone's opinion on the school?... Read More

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    The math, attendance, clinical assessment, practical exams in the will find it in every nursing school. All this require study which is something normal in college. Like I said before if you worry. If you don't understand something all the professors are willing to help and put you on right track...they don't want you to fail no way. In the first cohort where I am are 6 students...if you ask everyone of them will going to help you. We will finish in April next year.
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    I understand they revised the grading schedule so As and Bs are the normal range, though 77 is still the passing grade.
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    Most of nursing colleges have this passing grade around 76%.
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    Hi California,
    Which program are you starting in September?? I am also starting in September in the BS in Nursing for Baccalaureate graduates!
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    Hello Kn absn,
    I'm also starting in Brookline's september absn program. I'm very excited to see other people in my class.
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    I am beginning the Accelerated Nursing program in Sept. Anyone this is currently in the program, how is it going? What can you tell me about the program. I am really nervous about the accreditation. I am also scheduled for orientation soon. Anyone that has attended orientation, could you tell me some things that were covered?
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    I know that Brookline changed its grading policy so an A is 90-100 and a B is 80-89. They did this because the students were concerned about graduate school and I think that is pretty responsive. I heard they lost three or four students but that's not an unreasonable number.
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    I heard they mostly introduce everyone, go over policies, order uniforms, provide an overview of the program, that kind of thing.
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    For nursing, does Brookline use a urine drug test or a hair drug test?
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    What does everyone think of the program so far?
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    [FONT=comic sans ms]I'd love to hear input from current students on the 2nd degree Bachelor's program. How's it going?
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    Quote from Inspiration.
    Hey! Is there anyone attending Brookline College (in Phoenix, AZ) new accelerated bachelor's degree program. I plan to start it May 9th and would like to know anyone's opinion on the school?

    It's a great program that slowly builds you up to the clinicals. It is not for someone unsure if they dont want to commit to the full two years. Of course it helps to have time blocked out for studying and being organized. Having a resource financially is a must.
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    The program is going really well so far. All the faculty are very passionate about the program. We are currently candidates with the NLN and will have a site visit in a few month for accreditation. The faculty is working hard to get everything ready. Since it is a new program, there are still glitches and you need patience. What is nice is that they listen to your concerns and make changes. I would recommend applying soon and getting in the program because when they receive their accreditation I think they will start to get a waiting list.

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