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Hey! Is there anyone attending Brookline College (in Phoenix, AZ) new accelerated bachelor's degree program. I plan to start it May 9th and would like to know anyone's opinion on the school?... Read More

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    Quote from KristeyK can get decent grades. My school is the same way with the grades. I'm hanging in with a solid 3.5. In fact, most schools I looked at attending (a majority out of state) hold the same requirements for their grades.
    Can somebody back this up? I find this hard to believe that "most" BSN schools consider a 93% to be a B. I know several with a normal grading scale though.

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    Hi guys, I am planning to start the ABSN program in September, but I am wondering how their NLNAC accreditation is going?? The MSN programs I plan to apply to after the BSN requires that the nursing programs be accredited by NLNAC or CCNE.


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    Unfortunately, that grading scale is pretty common for most nursing schools.

    I guess it is their way of weeding out students so the NCLEX pass rates are higher.
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    Hey everyone,

    I am starting this in September and am getting very nervous. I just wanted to know how the program is going for you guys so far. Is getting below a 78 the only way not to pass? Thanks for any insight.
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    No worry California...I am in the second semester the first wave and I think they structure very well the load. You will have just a paper per course and in rest study for exams. Another way to fail beside the grade...are the clinical. But really if you study for exams you will know the theory behind every step performed in clinical . The professors are very helpfully and open to the students. I am still on the old grading scale but they change you will have the same for C 77% but B is from 80% and A from 90%. With the accreditation part...they wait for us the first wave to finish and take the NCLEX, that's the papers way.Don't worry be happy,la la la lala lala
    “There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.” Goethe
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    Thank you so much for your reply. It put a lot of fears to rest. I am glad I will be on a different grading scale, I am sorry you are on the stricter one.
    I did a semester of an ADN program in Kentucky last fall. I had to drop out though because my husband got a job here in Arizona, and we had to relocate. Anyways, that program had about 6 ways to fail and only 1 way to pass. We first had a math test where we had to get 100% in 5 tries throughout the semester. The other ways to fail were getting below is 78% in lecture, getting a few unsatisfactories on your clinical evaluations, and attendance in clinical and lecture. Then we had 2 practical exams where we had to go through 15 assessments and hit 100% of the list. Those 2 exams were the more stressful.

    Anyways, thanks again for the reply. I am really excited to start in September. How much longer do you have in the program?
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    The math, attendance, clinical assessment, practical exams in the will find it in every nursing school. All this require study which is something normal in college. Like I said before if you worry. If you don't understand something all the professors are willing to help and put you on right track...they don't want you to fail no way. In the first cohort where I am are 6 students...if you ask everyone of them will going to help you. We will finish in April next year.
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    I understand they revised the grading schedule so As and Bs are the normal range, though 77 is still the passing grade.
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    Most of nursing colleges have this passing grade around 76%.
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    Hi California,
    Which program are you starting in September?? I am also starting in September in the BS in Nursing for Baccalaureate graduates!

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