Bio 205 @ Rio

  1. Wow! This class stinks! I knew what I was in for before even registering for it but now I'm getting ready to take the Midterm and I'm getting nervous. I took BIO 201,202 at PC and got A's and have taken tons other online courses but this class is UNIQUE in that the Layout is sooo boring and monotonous. You have to be super motivated to stay interested in this course. They must have been high when they put the Lesson's together. Seriously! Some animations would be nice!

    Soooo here's my plan of attack for the Midterm. Reviewing all SYL essays, Lab Assignments, Key Terms, and Self Test and Chapter Review Quizzes in Lessons.

    Am I missing anything? Any words of advice? I've got an A going into the midterm but I'm a bit nervous by the vagueness of it all.

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  3. by   AZMOMO2
    Good luck the sciences at Rio are notorious for having crazy random midterms and finals. I tried Rio for Micro but decided to go to an in-person class after the midterm a few semesters ago. Of course that being said I wish I had stayed at Rio for that class because the instructor I had for in person made tests that were harder than the final was, which was touted as being very hard to pass, and I did very well on that.

    It sounds like you have the right game plan. Good luck!
  4. by   CinDRnyc
    I know trust me Rio was my last option and I had no other choice. Trust me you DONT wish you had stayed in it, it's pretty boring and I wish I could do some of the procedures "in real lfe". I'm stuck searching for videos on Youtube to understand all the procedures.

    Congrats! At least now I know 1 person who did well in Micro! lol

    Thanks, I will report how it goes, I'm planning on doing it either Next Tuesday or Thursday.
  5. by   AZMOMO2
    The only reason I did well was at the end I ACED Immunology! Otherwise that dang Kreb's Cycle totally killed me! Microbiology metabolism YUCK!

    Good luck on your exam!
  6. by   CinDRnyc
    OMG I despise that chapter lol Well I took it today, didn't do too hot. If I get full points on the essays I can get a 75

    I'm gonna give it my best so I can at least get a B in this course, This course is soooo hard I can't even tell you. I've gotten an A in the last 10 courses consecutively. This has to be the hardest class I've taken. I'm hoping the next few chapters ease up a bit.

    Thanks AZMOM
  7. by   lovebug4002
    Oh no! I don't like the sound of that at all! It's making me think twice about taking it over the 8 weeks in the summer.
  8. by   johnnyarei
    I would not recommend ANY of the science classes at Rio! I was signed up for BIO 205 for the summer. I was doing great until the midterm. I wanted to drop the class, but being that I pay for classes myself, it was not an option. I have A's on most of my science prereqs (except for a B in A&P 2). As fate would have it, I got a call from the registration dept stating that they could not find my prereq verification. I took most of my science classes in KY. They gave me 24 hours to resend in the info. I chose not to. As a result, I was dropped from the class and received a full refund. I ended up taking the class in person and I received an A. I do not recommend any of the science classes at Rio Salado (although Pathophysiology) was a not bad at all.

    Just my opinion....
  9. by   CinDRnyc
    Yeah the midterm was rough but its doable you just have to literallly work yourself to the bone. I'm not dropping it because I need it and I'm NOT starting it again. Thanks to this forum I knew what I was going into before it even started.
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