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Banner Health Jobs - follow up?

  1. 0 I recently applied for a few different jobs on the Banner Health website. I wasn't selected for two of them, but one of them has said "under review" for two weeks now. According to their website, this status means that it has been submitted to the hiring manager for review. Do you think I should call to follow up or just wait around for them to contact me? In most situations I call to follow up after a few days, but with these bigger hospitals it seems like they aren't to keen on people calling to follow up on job offers because they get SO many applications in. Thoughts?
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    I would be happy to assist you with your application. Please email

    Generally, the process does take up to two weeks depending on the recruiter, hiring manager and facility. You are welcome to call and speak with one of our Talent Scouts by calling 1-866-377-5627.

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