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  1. 0 Has anyone renewed their nursing license since Jan. 2008? I went to renew online and I see I now have to submit either a copy of a birth cirtificate or pass port. What happened to the copy I submitted 20+ years ago when I became licensed in Az ? Did they throw it away for the dumpster divers to find? Why doesn't the board of nursing use E verify ?
    I know that would be to easy on the nurses. Then they wonder why there is a nursing shortage in Az. Thanks for letting me vent about our wonderful board of nusring.
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    This is due to a law that we passed against illegal immigrants (or so we thought). It's all the new rage nowadays to prove your citizenship.

    I am taking pre-reqs for my BSN (stats) at the very school that I graduated from 2 years ago and they sent me a nasty gram saying that I had 21 days to show proof of citizenship or I will be dropped from my class.

    I just graduated from there! They have a copy of both my license and SSN!

    But, I have 4 days left to drive in there and show my card. So, it's not the Board's fault. It's the whole state.
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    Thanks for the reply. I know it's to prove your right to work status in the USA, but again why can't the board use E-verify which our wonderful state makes every employer use to verify their employees work status.
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    It probably costs more, lol...
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    i remember reading somewhere along the line, maybe the state board of nursing website where cna's were not us citizens and the passage below is taken from the website secondary to a new law. it is all part of the changes taking place with the laws changing regarding immigration. i guess that just have to be official, and perhaps the e-verify is based for companies? and not licensing boards? i am not sure?

    federal law, 8 u.s.c. 1641, and state law, a.r.s. 1-501, require documentation of citizenship or nationality for licensure. if the documentation does not demonstrate that the applicant is a united states citizen, national, or a person described in specific categories, the applicant will not be eligible for licensure in arizona.
    if the board has received your application after 1/1/2008, and the application you completed did not contain a proof of citizenship form, you will be required to complete a form and submit documentation evidencing citizenship or nationality prior to receiving your license/certification.
    statement of citizenship and alien status form
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    Just food for thought, I sent a copy of my birth certificate to AZBN and the bottom of the certificate states that its against the law to make a copy. Whats a guy to do?
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    Sooooo, what do you do? Do we have to drive to Phx and show them a copy?
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    Sure, and then they will make a copy.
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    Reviewing of crudentials including your legal status is not always a bad thing. You wanna stay on the offensive.
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    Quote from scottlgarrett
    Just food for thought, I sent a copy of my birth certificate to AZBN and the bottom of the certificate states that its against the law to make a copy. Whats a guy to do?
    Yeah, and according to Federal law, social security numbers are not to be used for identification purposes. Back in reality though...

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