ASU- a school hospitals hire from?

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    I am considering schools to attend for my RN-BSN. I am wondering if hospitals consider Arizona State University's RN-BSN program to be one they would hire a nurse from. I don't want to attend a school that no one will consider a commendable education.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on whether I should attend this school or not?

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    I'm not sure about RN to BSN, but I just graduated with my BSN from ASU this past December and most of my classmates are working already and the local hospitals did seem to favor ASU students as most of the externships were given to ASU students. Good luck
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    Moved to AZ Nursing Programs for more response.
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    I'm pretty sure that hospitals will hire graduates of ASU. Why wouldn't they? ASU has a great reputation in the community. Also, the applicant will have a Bachelors degree - which is usually the preference anyway!

    Just my
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    Its a BSN. If you can't get hired with that, then it probably has something more to do with things OTHER than where you went to school.
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