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Hello out there! Is anyone else applying for and /or waiting to see if they are accepted to ASUís Post-Bacc nursing program starting in Jan. of 2013? Anyone from the ASU post-bacc nursing class of 2012 is more than welcome to... Read More

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    I just got the "post-bacc application review" email too. Check your emails everyone! Something has finally happened

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    So hi... I got the "review" email as well... not knocking on the process, but GAH what has been going on for the last month!? So I guess I'll just fax in all those forms tomorrow and hurry up and wait some more lol! (this is all we have to do right now I'm assuming... confirmation?)

    Hopefully good news for us all!
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    Got the email, too! Sounds like we will know for sure by the end of the month. Good luck!
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    Do your TEAS scores match the results you got at the testing site? Or are they using some sort of conversion factor? Mine don't match...
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    Mine match... it was my "adjusted individual total score".
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    Thanks len. They got mine backwards. 69 instead of 96. Good thing they give us this chance to review the information for accuracy!
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    They inputted my TEAS results incorrectly as well!!!
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    My TEAS score was wrong as well they put it in as at 78.7 instead of an 89.3...I about blew my top when I saw that.
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    My TEAS score is wrong, too.
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    well I seem to be the only one who has a correct TEAS score. and I'm thinking...considering they already have our adjusted scores in there, and they want them returned by the 26th and they'd send out the status letters by the 30th...they have their decisions made. just confirming (or in many cases it seems adjusting) the scores and seeing where we fall. does anyone know how they calculated the GPA points? and do you think the total score is out of a total of 2? so like say a 1.8 or 1.9 is where we stand out of 2? good luck everyone!

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