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Hello out there! Is anyone else applying for and /or waiting to see if they are accepted to ASU's Post-Bacc nursing program starting in Jan. of 2013? Anyone from the ASU post-bacc nursing class of... Read More

  1. by   ashenmegly11
    well I seem to be the only one who has a correct TEAS score. and I'm thinking...considering they already have our adjusted scores in there, and they want them returned by the 26th and they'd send out the status letters by the 30th...they have their decisions made. just confirming (or in many cases it seems adjusting) the scores and seeing where we fall. does anyone know how they calculated the GPA points? and do you think the total score is out of a total of 2? so like say a 1.8 or 1.9 is where we stand out of 2? good luck everyone!
  2. by   sklish1983
    my total score is 1.85729...what is everyone else's?...if you guys don't mind posting them. GPA points are calculated as your GPA obtained divided by 4.
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  3. by   mrszuff11
    I think you're right...I believe it is out of a possible 2 points. Last year, we received a printout of our score in the placement packet, and mine was a 1.92 (4.0 select GPA, 92 TEAS score). I'm not sure how they factor in the subjective components, though (essays, prior education and experience, etc.).
  4. by   Kellyfish
    I am with Stefanie with a 1.92 advancement score (4.0 GPA and 92 TEAS) Yay! Waiting sucks!!
  5. by   sklish1983
    I think I'm going to be at the very bottom of the barrel, if I even make it in...fingers, eyes, and toes crossed.
  6. by   orangetomato
    They already corrected my TEAS score. That was fast. My advancement score is 1.92667.
  7. by   ashenmegly11
    @orangetomato..I see you have a GPA similar to mine. I'm curious to know if your B that you have on your select GPA is a 3 credit course or a 4. I believed my GPA heading in to this was the same as yours, but it's not showing up correctly so I am verifying what I think may have happened. thanks!! and great advancement score!
  8. by   orangetomato
    Ashenmegly,My b was in a 4 credit course. My gpa is 3.867 (slightly different than what i previously posted). My select prereq hours are 30. I hope that helps...
  9. by   ashenmegly11
    it did! thank you. I was thoroughly confused as to why my GPA could be so different. but that makes sense now! thanks!
  10. by   HillaryS
    Advancement score 1.867. They will mail the letters out on the 30th, or so I've heard.

  11. by   AZwannabe
    They had my name/spouse's name/ address incorrect, but my scores were fine. Extra special!

    1.873 score.
  12. by   ljm9304
    Hopefully this will allow you overachievers & worriers to relax a bit (Myself included). Recently, I met with my nursing advisor and was told that a 4.0 and perfect TEAS score are not going to be the "norm" REQUIRED for addmittance. There will be applicants who matriculate with GPA's from 3.6-3.8 and TEAS scores in the high 70s/80s/and 90s. Obviously, you'd aim to compensate a lower GPA with a higher TEAS score, and well written essays.

    To those of you with 4.0's and 3.875's, take a chill pill, unless you bombed the TEAS and essays, I'd be willing to make bets that you'll be in nursing school come January. Of course, we'll only know when the letters are sent, but I don't see any reason this person has to provide inaccurate info.

    "Don't worry, be happy". And focus on nailing down a good grade in HCR 240, which I'm sure many of you are in.
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  13. by   sklish1983
    Thank You, that makes me feel much better