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Arizona State University Junior 1 books

  1. 0 Hi I just got accepted into the ASU nursing program and I'm excited but also freaking out on the cost of everything! I 'm wondering how many sets of scrubs we should get? If any books for Junior 1 are used later in Junior 2 (that way I don't rent them, I actually buy them). Any advice would be great! thank you!!
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    I am also starting in August at the Downtown campus. I have decided to get the online books because they are searchable and I don't have to carry them around.
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    I went to the scrub store and they recommended that I only get one set of scrubs to start. You can always get more if needed down the road. I also got a stethoscope there for much cheaper than what ASU was selling them for. I chose an MDF over the Littman because it was so much cheaper and the reviews state that the quality is the same if not better. I volunteer at Banner Gateway and I have seen a few nurses carrying MDF's as well and they all like them.
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    Hi! Were you able to access the online books? I want to get the readings done for tomorrow. I tried to redeem the code, but it says that we need a course id from our instructor along with the access code... I couldn't find anything about that in the syllabus for NUR 320.
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    I had no problem accessing my books.