Arizona Nursing Links

  1. arizona state board of nursing links revised 11/26,2006

    nurse practice act

    resources to access all arizona state statutes, rules, and other governmental documents.

    scope of practice

    this area gives an opportunity for feedback and discussion related to specific issues that have been addressed within the scope of practice committee.

    what is cando?

    cando is the board of nursling's non-disciplinary, confidential monitoring program for chemically dependent nurses, who meet the eligibility/admission criteria into cando, and who voluntarily enter into the program.

    nursing education programs approved by the az state board of nursing

    annual statewide nclex pass rates 2002-2006

    refresher courses

    cna minimum competencies
    cna approved program list

    arizona nurses association (azna)

    professional advocacy


    action guidelines: state
    how to advocate for nursing in arizona by communicating with your legislators.
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  3. by   Kabin
    Great info!
  4. by   pegasus12164
    I found many of your links to be in active.
    Could you you check on these please, I would really like to view them.
    Please let me know.
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    Thanks for letting us know re links. BON moved to .gov server---corrected.

    More info listed under BON "RESOURCES" heading on website.
  6. by   RoxyRed
    thank you for posting this. i am moving to tucson and this information was very helpful.
  7. by   Nat71
    Thank you for the great info. I am moving to AZ from IL, presently taking refresher course for RN online (Arizona license), any suggestions where I can find Nurse Preceptor in Phoenix area? I need 120 clinical hours. According to my refresher course . Clinical assignments should be completed in 8 weeks. Clinical rotations are unpaid rotations designed to meet the goals and objectives of the course. Your employer may function as your preceptor; however, you are not functioning in a paid position. Hospital orientations, which are not clinical in nature, are not considered part of the clinical hours. Skills labs and hospital in-services, which are clinical in nature, can be used as clinical hours but may not exceed sixteen hours total. I called several hospitals and I was told that they have contract with local colleges for the Nursing students and RN preceptors are not available...I would be very glad if I can find here some tips or help/suggestion? Thank you in advance.