Anyone trying for the Yavapai College Nursing Program?

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    What are you points toward the app? I am just curious about what I am up against!

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    How many points do you have?
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    84 what about you?
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    I have 76. I hope I make it. I have a friend who got into Spring semester with 72 points last semester, so I hope I'm okay. We'll see.
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    I hope so too!!!! Let me know if you get accepted please
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    I got in!
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    Congrats! That is wonderful news! Me too, I can't wait to see you in the program!
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    so those points earned is your score on the admission test?
    Im looking toward this college but know nothing about admission, is it based on a waiting list? pre-reqs? amdission test?

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    It's not only the HEISI exam it also includes how many pre reqs you have finished at the time you apply. You also get points if you are a resident of Yavapai county and a current student at Yavapai College. The good news is that this program does not have a waiting list Have you already started pre reqs?
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    i've done bio 201 and medical terminology at Arizona Western College, i want to start the program as soon as possible and here in yuma competition is high, it's almost a 'must' to have all co requisites finished at the time of the application, which for me means 1 more year of waiting before applying... =$

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