Anyone trying for the Yavapai College Nursing Program?

  1. What are you points toward the app? I am just curious about what I am up against!
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  3. by   UnicornRN
    How many points do you have?
  4. by   AshleyDiane6
    84 what about you?
  5. by   UnicornRN
    I have 76. I hope I make it. I have a friend who got into Spring semester with 72 points last semester, so I hope I'm okay. We'll see.
  6. by   AshleyDiane6
    I hope so too!!!! Let me know if you get accepted please
  7. by   UnicornRN
    I got in!
  8. by   AshleyDiane6
    Congrats! That is wonderful news! Me too, I can't wait to see you in the program!
  9. by   l_8426
    so those points earned is your score on the admission test?
    Im looking toward this college but know nothing about admission, is it based on a waiting list? pre-reqs? amdission test?

  10. by   AshleyDiane6
    It's not only the HEISI exam it also includes how many pre reqs you have finished at the time you apply. You also get points if you are a resident of Yavapai county and a current student at Yavapai College. The good news is that this program does not have a waiting list Have you already started pre reqs?
  11. by   l_8426
    i've done bio 201 and medical terminology at Arizona Western College, i want to start the program as soon as possible and here in yuma competition is high, it's almost a 'must' to have all co requisites finished at the time of the application, which for me means 1 more year of waiting before applying... =$
  12. by   AshleyDiane6
    Well having all co reqs done here helps but you are allowed to apply before they are actually done.
  13. by   missmayhem07
    as a second year nursing student at Yavapai, I'd have to say that you might want to get more of your pre-reqs and co-reqs done before applying. not only is it one of the top nursing programs in the country and a rather demanding program, but the competition up here is starting to increase as those who have been waitlisted elsewhere are trying to get in up here. if you don't have all but about 1-2 of your total pre-req and co-req classes done, a decent HESI score, and are a resident of Yavapai, you may be better off just waiting to get in at Yuma. i'm only trying to be honest here. i know its frustrating to be waitlisted and be worried about where you might get in, i've been there, but the last thing you need is to be following false leads. people hear that there's no waitlist at Yavapai which is not exactly true. they don't usually waitlist people, they just plain deny their app all together. the school receives 300+ apps a semester, and all but less than 50 something of them are accepted for the fall, and half that for the spring. most apps are thrown out because the student fails to fulfill the courses when compared to others who are much farther along in their pre/co reqs. the college does, however, have an extended program out in cottonwood which may be easier to get into, i'm not sure. that may be a better direction to shoot for, if you're willing to move out there. and unfortunately, medical terminology is not a pre req for this college. good luck to you, i know its frustrating, but it will make it all the more worth it and give you a great sense of accomplishment when you do finally get in.
  14. by   kirsalih
    is anyone else trying for the YC Spring 2011 Nursing Program?