Anyone starting the Sept. 4th session at Chamberlain in Phoenix, AZ?

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    HELLO! I just joined this site because I got accepted into Chamberlain's BSN program. I start on Sept. 4th and was wondering if anyone else out there is starting with me? I would also appreciate feedback about the program from other fellow students at the Phoenix Chamberlain campus. I am a little frustrated because I STILL do not have my schedule and I am an ER tech and would like to put in my avalibility for Sept. at work!

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    Hi KMalanowski

    I'm starting the Chamberlain BSN program on Sept 4th as well. I don't have my schedule yet either. Do you already have your prereqs done? I chose to take as many classes online as I can so that I can still work until I start clinicals. I got a clinical email yesterday of all the packet paperwork that we have to take to orientation next Fri. But I am just waiting and twiddling my thumbs until I hear more.
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    Yeah still haven't got mine....and I need it soon because I work and they need to know my schedule! I am doing most of mine online as well just no math or science online for me!
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    Hopefully the packet that they say they are mailing out this week will have schedules in it. I'd like to be able to purchase my books instead of scrambling at the last minute.
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    Right? ! I know me too! And i'm confused on how to even buy them because I have loans from financial aid so I wonder if I have to pay out of pocket?
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    I'm guessing we had the same academic advisor who goes over classes, financial aid, and tuition with you since I saw he was the only one with that title. Basically how he explained it to me is that the first semester you will have to buy books out of pocket and then you will need to save money from this disbursement to pay for books for your next term and then so on each term. I didn't get awarded enough aid to even cover all my tuition so a good amount is coming out of my pocket anyway. That's the big reason I'd like to know my classes so I don't have to order my books through Devry but instead can get discounted ones on Amazon. Did you see all the clinical compliance requirements? I'm gonna guess that since you are already an ER tech maybe you are up to date on all that stuff but I think I have to do each and everyone!
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    Umm that was not explained to me at all! Ya well I'd like to know my classes and what books as well so I can do some Amazon shopping!! I got the clinical compliance stuff too and like you said wasn't anything new to me. I didn't get awarded enough aid either so I'm having to pay outta pocket/loans too. It sucks!
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    If I don't hear something by Friday, I think I will call and see when we will know for sure. I hate being out of the loop.
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    I got my schedule today!! Did you get yours?
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    Nope...nothing. did they call you or email you? When did you do your drug and background check? Also, whats your schedule like?

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