Anyone else apply to NAU/GCC concurrent program this week?

  1. Just wondering if anyone else applied to the program this past week. If so, maybe post your gpa and what school choices you listed and update when you find out if you got accepted. I would like to have others to "talk" with while we drive ourselves crazy waiting to hear if we got in!My gpa is 3.6 and I applied to gcc and mcc (gcc was first choice).
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  3. by   jhunold
    Yes! I applied first thing on Tuesday. GCC is my first choice, second choice SCC and third choice GWCC. I live very close to GCC, so I am really hoping I get my first choice (of course assuming I get a spot at all). My GPA was calculated as 3.82 and I had "no deficiencies" (that is, all pre- and co-requisites completed).

    I, too, am going crazy with waiting. I was told we would hear possibly within one week, but no later than Feb. 29. I'll post when I hear something.
  4. by   CDMZG
    That is an awesome gpa! I sure hope we find out wIthin a week! Then I won't have to keep checking my email several times a day ;-). What was your HESI score since that plays a factor in the rubric as well?
  5. by   jhunold
    Oh I am practically pacing around the house! I've been checking email too, even though I know it is too early to hear something. My HESI scores were also pretty high: 100 math, 94 english composite. I was told they use both scores in the rubric, not the cumulative score.

    The NAU advisor told me my grades and scores were "competitive" but of course she could not say more than that. I keep telling myself I have very good chances, but then I read about someone who had a 4.0 and was rejected (not talking about NAU, but still...), so I just think that anything could happen.

    Anyway, when I am not in worry mode, then I think we both have very good chances this time around. Have you completed all pre- and co-requisites?
  6. by   CDMZG
    I am actually taking my last pre-req right now, BIO205. But I am not too worried about not being completed. The NAU advisor I spoke with said that each Maricopa County Community College has their own way to choose applications and some schools it doesn't matter if all pre-reqs are done. And I know GCC is one of those buy an email from a nursing advisor. I can't remember exactly what my HESI was (my stuff is at home and I am at work) but I know my math was 100 and my english was right around 90.

    I am right there with you; one minute I think I don't stand a chance, then the next minute I think overall my scores are competitive at least since it's a new program. However I have decided if I don't get in I am going to retake some classes this summer that I took waaaaayyyyyy back in the late 90's when I was fresh out of high school and didn't think my grades mattered as long as I passed. That way I can up my GPA for next application period. If I only knew then what I know now.....(((sigh))) .

    I think I read on here from the last semester that people got it with lower GPA than ours so I am still hanging onto some hope and am praying that between my GPA and HESI score that I will have a good enough rubric to make it in (fingers crossed)!
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  7. by   jhunold
    Since GCC is the first choice for both of us, with some luck we will soon see each other in class!

    As I mentioned before, as soon as I see that email, I will post (I am practically glued to my computer when I am not pacing around). In actuality, I do leave the house (I work part-time at EMCC) but when I am home I tend to hover around the computer. I am finding that ever since I applied on Tuesday, I have not gotten much housework done.
  8. by   amberjms
    I am waiting too. Just logged in to see if anyone had commented about receiving an email yet. My gpa is something like 3.8 (1 B), hesi was 90+, hoping for MCC. We'll see
  9. by   jhunold
    I'm just wondering... Is anyone sure that we get an email notification? I just assumed we would hear by email, followed by a packet, if we are admitted. But perhaps the initial notification is by snail mail? Were you told specifics as to whether notification was by email or snail mail?
  10. by   BSN-Path
    Good question! I hope it is by e-mail first!!! I would love to get into GCC!! Please let us know when any of you get a e-mail or snail mail. Good luck to all!!!
  11. by   amberjms
    I asked at the app session and they said email. The website says they are updating Friday...maybe then?
  12. by   BSN-Path
    Friday is almost here!! I am going crazy checking my e-mail every hour!! I hate this feeling. Wishing Us all Luck!!
  13. by   CDMZG
    Just wanted to come back and update......!!!!!!!!

    I received an email last night that I was accepted to the NAU program through Estrella Mountain Community College!!!!! Apparently Glendale Community College got so many applications that the Maricopa County Schools decided to open up a cohort at Estrella Mountain. I am soooooo excited!!!!! I should be receiving a packet in the mail within 4-5 weeks but need to get registered to NAU right away to sign up for the first intro to nursing class this summer.

    YAY!!!!! I just can't believe it!!!!
  14. by   jhunold
    Congrats CDMZG! And thanks for posting. If I had known EMCC would be an option, I would have put that as my second choice instead of SCC. However GCC is still my first choice -- I haven't heard a thing. But since I know your GPA and mine is a little higher, I think it's a good sign I got in somewhere!

    If EMCC is sending out emails. hopefully the GCC contingent will hear very soon. Now waiting for Friday will be doubly hard.

    I'm so happy for you, and thanks again for posting, because in addition to checking email obsessively, I've been checking this forum obsessively too, waiting for that first "I got accepted" post.

    For those of us still waiting to hear, I still intend to post as soon as I get my email.