Anyone else apply to NAU/GCC concurrent program this week? - page 7

Just wondering if anyone else applied to the program this past week. If so, maybe post your gpa and what school choices you listed and update when you find out if you got accepted. I would like to have others to "talk" with while... Read More

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    lol. I am.

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    Quote from peterbrasco
    lol. i am.
    how was the 1st day of class?

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    It was long, but good. I think it's not going to be too hard but then again it is only the first day lol
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    It was pretty long but she (the prof) seems pretty into the class and I agree, it seems like it's going to be pretty doable...
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    How long was it? A couple hours? more?
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    4 hours...She gave us a couple of breaks though...
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    Quote from ddmad
    4 hours...She gave us a couple of breaks though...
    Yeah but I was hoping for a lunch break!
    Hey ddmad what didd you find out about the tote bag?
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    There's a little cafe in the building where you can get some chow...Nothing yet about the tote bag other than a mention during orientation and that we'll be told more about it during the next orientation (in August)...
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    Hi just wanted to let you all know that I created a closed FB group for all the NAU CEP students at various Maricopa colleges

    You can find us by using the search box and the name is:
    NAU and Maricopa Nursing CEP Students

    I just thought it would be a great place for us to share our thoughts, concerns, or just chat about nursing school. Join us!

    P.S. If you have any issues finding it please PM me !

    Thanks! :redpinkhe
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    Hi! I was wondering what classes people took to meet the NAU requirements for humanistic inquiry, global diversity, cultural understanding and global diversity? What would you recommend?

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