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i was looking for a job n they called me to see if i can come to the interview with them i thought nurse recruiting agency is the one who look for a job for us n if hospitals r interested on me through them then hospitals... Read More

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    Quote from Bubbles
    phone call last month from a recruiter named ---
    ---, that's the recruiter that has been calling me for a couple of years
    asking if I would do peds cases. I keep telling him I DON'T DO PEDS. I don't
    think he understands what nurses even do.

    You haven't heard the last from ---.
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    I now do part time with MGA. I stay because I like the family and patient that I work with and it is an easy night in the midst of my busy hospital nights. It's good extra money. However I will say that if I could never speak to my recruiter (or any of the recruiters) I would be a happy girl. They are very schmoozy (think carsalesman) and it is obvious they get paid by a comission (paid more for RNs and paid more the more they work). They don't like you to communicate with the family. They want you to tell them something and then they will tell the family. However, they are terrible at communication so my family and I will communicate on our own about small things. I would say the worst part of the job are the recruiters and keep in mind that they are not medically trained in any way. If you get a good case/family, it is a good job. I know new grad RNs that have gone there because they cannot find hospital jobs. I would not be comfortable as a new grad since there really is no training and no backup. Just you and a kid (and their family) in the home. My pay cannot compare to the hospital but I do get the high end of the pay scale (they needed me and I negotiated). They are capped because they are funded by DDD and those organizations but keep in mind that those recruiters get paid out of that amount sooooo if you get more pay, they get less. Hold out for a certain amount especially if you have experience. For the most part they will hire anyone with an RN after their name so make sure you advocate for yourself. So I guess overall, there is a reason I am still there and that is that I don't have to go into the office frequently and I work with a really great family and patient so that outweighs the cons with dealing with the recruitors. Take from that what you will.
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    I recently spent countless time over the past two weeks with a recruiter for MGA. I completed an extremely lengthy application online (several hours), and a couple hours during their "pre-hire" orientation. During that orientation I had to provide personal information, watch an OSHA video, and had a very brief interview. All the while, I was assured again and again that I was a perfect candidate and that I was practically a shoe-in for the job. Then I had to have a drug screen test (which is fine) and I was told I would be contacted. I was never contacted. I called this recruiter back and he said that he was too busy to call me when he said he would. Then, after all the time and effort, he said that they were going in a "different direction." Which of course sounds like he just didn't want to tell me the true reason!

    Is it too much to ask for constructive criticism after talking with this recruiter daily? Or is it too much to ask for a phone call when he said he would call me at a specific time and day?

    I hope that others are not having the same experience as me!
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    They are disorganized and are basically a call center run my non medically trained business graduates with two or three RNs to case manage and supervise. Don't expect them to understand why you won't perform some task with a patient if you feel it is unsafe or outside of your scope, they are all about keeping the families happy at all costs. I was there almost 4 years. The plus is that you can state when you are available to work. They do hire a lot of new grads at a lower wage and can't seem to find work for the experienced nurses brought in at a slightly higher wage. They bragged about being the only company not cutting wages, but I truly think this was their way of making cuts under the carpet.
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    Did anyone end up working for this company? I'm a new grad and they are offering me a job asap. I'm not sure if I should do it for the experience or if it's a waste of time and looks bad on a resume.
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    I worked for MGA for four years. It won't be a waste of time for you as long as you get a patient that truly needs skilled nursing. They have done and will finagle paperwork to get a child who otherwise has no need for skilled nursing qualified for skilled nursing under DDD. This will hurt your resume and your skills especially when interviewing for the job you really want and they ask you what you did for that child. If no skilled nursing was involved, just toileting, feeding (not G-tube though G-tubes alone don't qualify a child for SN), and ambulating your resume will be hurt. Sooooo, BE VERY PICKY AS TO WHAT ASSIGNMENTS YOU ACCEPT!
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    MGA assigned a child to me that didn't really need skilled nursing. When that assignment came to an end THEY WOULDN'T PLACE ME because I really had not been doing any real nursing and even they questioned my skills. I have since moved on to a very rewarding position elsewhere. This was their patient they approved for DDD.
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    I have a funny story about MGA. I was hired about 7 months ago by them and they already had a couple of cases for me. I was very excited because this would've been my very first nursing job as a LPN. I went to do my drug screen, but I was more dehydrated than I thought. I didn't offer enough of a sample, so I had to wait a few more minutes and drink a lot more water to get things going. I was also under a lot of pressure to get the sample done before they closed, which was in 15 minutes at the time. I did my sample, but it still wasn't enough. The lab tech that was with me laughed it off and assured me that it happens frequently and not to worry, but I had to get another drug screen form from MGA. I called MGA and explained the situation to them. They simply chose to not to believe me and said I would be notified at a later time when they got the official report from the lab center I went to. The lab center did send the report a few days later, and I called again to get the drug screen forms, but I was put on hold for a very long time. I finally gave up on them and resumed sending out applications/resumes again. I'm wondering if I should call them and ask if they ever looked at the official report from the lab center and see if they would hire me again?
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