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Im sure many threads have been started about this, but waiting over a year and a half to get into a nursing program is horrible. Not only have I had 3 years of pre-reqs, but now a two year wait to get into a two year nursing... Read More

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    I went to talk with an enrollment employee at GCU today! I didn't realize it was an actual "University", I thought it was something like UofP ....just another building with a name on it. I got alot of info out of it and I applied for admissions today. I won't get to apply for the fastrack nursing program until next year, but no worries. I still have some pre-reqs to knock out of the way fall semester and next spring. The program start dates are only in summer and fall anyways, so it works out perfect! Also, since I am a tribal student I automatically qualify for a scholarship of $2000 towards tuition! Every little bit helps! Now the only thing left to do is get the approval from my tribes since they are the ones who are fully funding me. I'm so excited to start!!!

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    Wow, that's awesome! I'm excited for you. :wink2:
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    So it's almost been a year since this my post on this thread.....I decided not to go with GCU. I applied at Arizona Western College in Yuma in September 2009 and got my acceptance letter in October. I start their program in January 2010. Super excited! Plus, I have some family that lives here which makes it even better.
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    Quote from dreamer81
    Ha! I just tried calling them and their number is disconnected. I tried the live chat and ......nothing. They don't sound like a reliable school.
    The school is OK but their administration is questionable...hence the trouble getting to a real person on the phone. I have some contacts you may want to try to get some answers that may help you get connected. I took my RN to BSN there. My contact is for the Masters program that I am looking into but he would likely get you to right person if you need to.
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    I would just apply everywhere and just get in where you can get in.

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