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  1. please help me
  2. Burn Unit RN Interview
  3. Nursing School Research Paper
  4. Albumin Resuscitation
  5. Like, wow- WHAT?
  6. Curious
  7. Article Burn Nursing
  8. What to do to prepare?
  9. Night Shift Burn Nursing
  10. dressings
  11. Best Burn Centers in US??
  12. The Burn Unit Is Calling Me!
  13. Is Burn an impacted specialty?
  14. Type of Experience on Burn Unit
  15. Burn Dressings
  16. Books/Literature for New Grad RN in Burn Unit
  17. CNA's and LVN's in Burn Unit?
  18. 1st year student
  19. Burn units
  20. New grad, passed NCLEX...what steps do I need to take to become a burn nurse?
  21. Article Why I went into nursing
  22. Nursing student considering job as nursing asst on burn unit
  23. Can my friend play Volleyball?
  24. Experience Only?
  25. Certification
  26. Know of any good trauma/burn books?
  27. Shake and bake meth accidents filling burn units
  28. Burn ICU question
  29. Dressing changes and meds. How much/when to push?
  30. New student considering Burn Unit..PLZ Read
  31. Burn patients who became burn nurses
  32. How many stages of burn wound healing
  33. Question for the burn nurses!
  34. Information request for current/former burn nurses
  35. Evidence Based Practice for Burn Patients??
  36. what is nurse practitioner school like
  37. Burn question from student
  38. Advice on how to become a burn nurse
  39. thermal laser damage to face
  40. IV fluid requirements
  41. Most important clinical skills for Peds Burn
  42. Burn Unit Perceptorship ..are you still there? :]
  43. New RN Starting In the TBNU
  44. a question on burns
  45. collagenase for healed burns?
  46. initial burn care in the ER
  47. How do you deal with some of the things you see?
  48. partial/full thickness burns
  49. icthopaste bandage in management of burns to arm
  50. Burn Unit Practicum
  51. Inaccurate story on CNN?
  52. previous patient
  53. Parkland Formula- Please help
  54. Start new job soon in burns
  55. New Burn Nurse
  56. ER nurse wondering whats the best way to treat burns
  57. Utmost respect for Burn Unit Nurses.
  58. Question for any wound and ostomy nurses (aka burn nurse)
  59. DEveloping a documentation tool
  60. How much patients lifting is required in a typical burn unit?
  61. Interested in Burn Nursing...where to start?
  62. Please help, dissertation question
  63. Please help, dissertation question
  64. Poll for Burn Nurses...as a student nurse, did you rotate in a burn unit?
  65. Parkland vs Brooke formula
  66. For those who work in a unit with a hydotherapy tub...
  67. Structured course for Burns & Plastic Surgery Nursing
  68. Parkland formula for fluid restoration
  69. What dressings (as a generalistion) are used for burns?
  70. Considering Burn Nursing...
  71. Thank you, burn nurses, for what you do!
  72. NSG Student About to Start Clinical in Burns
  73. Third degree burns over 80%of body...
  74. Need information on University of Alabama Burn Center
  75. The BEST facial reconstruction facility
  76. Count policy in the OR
  77. Amish Burn Treatment
  78. Joseph Still Burn Center
  79. anybody out there?
  80. Thinking of burn nursing........
  81. How different is Acute Burn Unit for regular Med/Surg floor?
  82. RE: Acute Care Burn Unit Winston-Salem,NC Baptist/Wake Forest any inormation?
  83. Burn nurse:patient ratio..?
  84. New to Burn Nursing
  85. Hospital w/ advanced burn unit????
  86. CCRN for Burn Nurses
  87. Pediatric Surgical/Burn unit Interview!
  88. Strep A: anyone else?
  89. Contact Isolation for everyone?
  90. My patient today...
  91. I'm a curious nursing student
  92. UK burns nurses
  93. nurses performing surgical debridement?
  94. Shriner's Hospital Cincinnati Ohio
  95. Burn Unit: Critical Care or Emergency care
  96. Moving on......
  97. I want to be a burn nurse but how?
  98. Culturig skin for grafting?
  99. EDUCATION: BURN UNIT RN in Michigan
  100. The 'look' that people give you...
  101. Need help with burn patient
  102. Burn Techs...ancillary staff on burn units
  103. New Burn Nurse Here - HELP!
  104. HELP QUICK! Burn diet
  105. Woman hit by lightning
  106. Hi!!
  107. Information Please
  108. books suggestions... ?
  109. darwin award
  110. Shout out to my fellow burn nurses!
  111. Lab values -- burn patients
  112. VIdeo/Websites/Resources
  113. Early ambulation for patient underwent skin grafting
  114. Thank you Burn ICU Nurses
  115. Burn Nursing Not For Me
  116. Question about securement of ETT in burn patients
  117. Eschar on new 2nd degree burns
  118. what is the prognosis?
  119. An externship in a Burn unit or a Renal transplant med surg floor?
  120. Burn Patient any suggestions
  121. nursing protocol for acute burns requiered
  122. Ccrn
  123. NYC Burn Unit
  124. very bottom on UP!!
  125. Need some advice
  126. Something to ponder.
  127. Help! Daughter burned hand
  128. Burn unit night shift
  129. Life as a burn nurse..
  130. Question about Certification/Adv Prac
  131. Advice needed on becoming a burn nurse
  132. Well known burn nurses?
  133. Burn Centers/Units in Philadelphia
  134. How good is emu oil for burns?
  135. Student in need of help-paper about the psychological effetcs of burn unit nurses
  136. Hummm?
  137. Typical Shift of a Burn Nurse
  138. Preceptorship at Shriners?
  139. shriner's hospital in boston
  140. steven johnson syndrome
  141. need some advice from a burn nurse
  142. Facial Burns
  143. Ways to remove surgical staples effectively
  144. I am so glad to have found this forum!
  145. Meth lab burns
  146. Pulmonary Toilet
  147. Silver bandage
  148. Initial care
  149. BURN question re: IV narcotics
  150. Home health patient with a 3rd degree burn
  151. Hypofix dressing and burns??
  152. Nurse Practitioners in the burn unit
  153. Procedural Sedation
  154. Toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN)
  155. New Burn Nurse
  156. Burn unit job offer
  157. Why do you Nurse in the Burn unit ?
  158. Dream job offer--pediatric burns!!!
  159. Burn Unit Assignment Questions
  160. NEW and looking for information
  161. info about burn nursing
  162. Management of clean 2nd degree burn
  163. A burning question...
  164. student on the rise
  165. 3rd degree burn question
  166. Motorcycle burn!
  167. Burn Case Study..Please Help!!
  168. Question about a pt I had with burns
  169. It's not TENS....
  170. questions about burns
  171. God bless the burn team...
  172. Kids and Gun powder!
  173. Burn Flowsheets for Nurses
  174. Burn Certification
  175. Book: "Burn Unit: Saving Lives After the Flames"
  176. Child burn victim in my area--a happy story
  177. Easter will soon be here!
  178. silver nitrate?
  179. Shadowing nurse in Burn Unit
  180. Burn survivor now burn nurse?
  181. Toddler with >85% burns dicharged home.
  182. Burns victim saved with revolutionary treatment
  183. Primary Survey of Burns Patient
  184. Worst thing you have seen
  185. Her body burned by drug, not fire
  186. question for experienced burn nurses
  187. Going to the Burns/Plastics unit for clinical rotation
  188. Outlying hospital mistakes
  189. Looking for a West Coast Burn Unit
  190. Burns Dressings Resources
  191. Is Burn Nursing for me?
  192. Stevens Johnson case
  193. Burns Resources
  194. please help! ASAP!
  195. Performance
  196. skin grafts?
  197. For All The Burn Nurses
  198. burn pain management
  199. Best prep for burn nursing?
  200. Steven Johnson Syndrome
  201. Joseph Still Burn Center
  202. Are there any association for Burn ICU nurses?
  203. First timer - Burn Unit
  204. Hello!
  205. Burn units in TN?
  206. Floating Policy Help Needed
  207. phototoxic response to drugs
  208. burn unit
  209. Volunteers in your Burn ICU???
  210. Future Burn Nurse?
  211. what path did you take?
  212. burn unit
  213. tar removal
  214. ICU Staffing Levels