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Did anyone start out at an Urgent Care Clinic as a new graduate?? If so, I'd like to know what a typical day would be like. How many RNs are typically assigned, and what are the responsibilities of the RN? How long was your... Read More

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    I began working at one three months ago (shortly after my post) and I think it's helped a lot as an LPN to RN. Most of my classmates work at nursing homes, whereas I'm doing IVs and IM shots, wound dressings, EKGs, etc. The pay is terrible for an LPN (8 dollars lower than the going rate around my city) but thats because I'm the only nurse at my facility - they typically hire Medical Assistants. Its worth it to me, however.

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    Well, in a word, Yes. I mean it doesn't hurt. I have been in urgent care for 5 years now. Three as an LPN. Our clinics are fast paced, especially during the fall and winter months. Its all acute, which helps and hurts you. I do alot of IV's and IM's also and it keeps you sharp. We get emergencies all of the time. People still dont understand when to go to urgent care or the ER so you have to be prepared for anything. Since it is acute there are almost zero catheters, NG tubes, etc. I have no desire to work on the floor at a hospital. If I go to the hospitals I will do strictly ER so I think this experience helps greatly. I make a little better than the starting rate for RN's in my area and I am an LPN so the money is great too!
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    It could prepare for working in the ER. The hospital interviews I have been too have asked if I were interested in the ER because of the triage experience in urgent care.
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    Personally...My Hospital experience sucked! BUT..it was at a VA Hospital, substandard care and disrespect!!! More skills are learned in a physicians office....except the use of lifts and all the back-breaking stuff.
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    What is the going rate for a a new grad RN starting out in an urgent care?

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