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Did anyone start out at an Urgent Care Clinic as a new graduate?? If so, I'd like to know what a typical day would be like. How many RNs are typically assigned, and what are the responsibilities of... Read More

  1. by   ms_orion
    Personally...My Hospital experience sucked! BUT..it was at a VA Hospital, substandard care and disrespect!!! More skills are learned in a physicians office....except the use of lifts and all the back-breaking stuff.
  2. by   monmmunoz
    What is the going rate for a a new grad RN starting out in an urgent care?
  3. by   UC nurse
    I work as a RN in an Urgent Care clinic. I really like the unpredictability and not knowing who's going to walk through the door. Not having to prep for patients in the morning is a bonus too. One thing I've realized after talking to my other friends who work in UC is that every clinic is different. If you work in a big city, you're going to be busier. We start IVs occasionally, but not on a daily basis. Some of our more common procedures include IM injections, ear lavage, nebulizer treatments, wound care for lacerations, applying air casts, splints and walking boots, EKGs, TB test placement and readings. We tend to get busy around noon, slow down in the afternoon, and get busy again after 5 p.m. The slow days can be a little boring. Because every UC is set up differently, my friend does occupational health physicals in her clinic, but we do not. Patients are not supposed to come to UC for chest pain, but they do. We will occasionally have a bleeding patient walk through the doors five minutes before we close. In this case, I may end up working up to an hour after closing time. All in all, I like the job. The slow days are easy, but you have to move really fast and prioritize on the busy days. I've never worked in a hospital, but just like any other area of nursing, you have to do a lot of self-study to get yourself up to speed when working on a new unit. I feel as if I'm doing just as well as the RNs with hospital experience.