There's ONE nasty co-worker no matter where you go...

  1. Just when you think you may have finally found a little slice of nursing heaven where everyone gets along and works as a team.

    Okay. I'm not that innocent. There's always going to be that one person who has to be hostile/nasty/controlling or otherwise be a thorn in the side of your otherwise potentially well-orchestrated team.

    Dear Hostile Co-Worker,

    I'm sorry that I got the job that you wanted. I didn't play any mean tricks to do it. I simply expressed an interest and I got the job. I've been in places like this before, and I knew there was a risk that you'd be angry at me for getting this job, even though on some level I'm sure you realize *I* am not to blame. I should say, it isn't fair to start pointing the finger at me and acting so hostile simply because I'm now doing a job that you were interested in. When you made a comment about how people "sit around" while your specialty gets dumped on, and then refused to name names, it was pretty clear who you implicated. If you're going to make an accusation, you may as well make it completely and to that person's face. You were almost there. Why didn't you finish and then we can have it out?

    Just venting: Excuse ME, but can you see through that wall over there? Did you set up a monitoring system at my workstation so that you can know exactly what my productivity is all day long? Did you count how many times I jumped out of my seat to help my doctor yesterday? Do you know that I've been given many extra assignments since switching and -AHEM- .. I didn't tell you about ANY of them so that you can be sure to include that in your tally of the things I did today? Did you know that I look the other way when I see you using Facebook during work hours? (I can't believe it isn't blocked). Did you know that you're NOT MY BOSS?

    Did you notice that I'm actually very kind to every single person who works in our office, no matter what their job is, and that I'm open minded and a good listener? Did you ever stop to consider that, in fact, approaching me face-to-face should have been your first stop if you have a problem. Didn't anyone ever tell you that "approach is everything" when it comes to resolving conflict? Or how to say things nicely? I guess not. That's too bad for you, because it will continue to cause conflict in your life. Me? I don't need us to be friends, but I refuse to work in a work environment that's hostile. So I suggest that if you have a problem, come out with it, let's talk about it and move on. And let's give each other the benefit of the doubt before we start pointing fingers from now on, shall we?

    Your Co-Worker
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  3. by   jenlynnrn
    Word! Nice rant, hope you feel better
  4. by   NurseOnAMotorcycle
    I wish I could kudos this a million times. Had it out with one like that today.
  5. by   tothepointeLVN
    Only ONE nasty coworker? Boy are you lucky ;D

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