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Standardized Office Visit Protocols

  1. 0 Hello,
    I am a new nurse who will be beginning @ a community clinic in 2 weeks. I am not intimidated (as I've heard a lot about going to a hospital first, etc.), and I have a great deal of health care experience, just not as an RN.

    The clinic is relatively new and in the process of establishing itself. One of the things I know I will be responsible for is office triage. I was thinking that there needs to be standardized protocols implemented (i.e. if pt comes in with UTI sx, there should be a written protocol that can be followed to stream line the a urine dip, culture, and a standard Rx like bactrim).
    for those experienced office nurses, do you have anything like that where you work?
    Does anyone know where I might be able to find some type of standardized tx protocols for simple office visit complaints (UTI, common cold, etc.)?
    This seems like it would be a very daunting task to attempt to do from scratch and if anyone could point me in any sort of direction I would be soooo thankful.
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    Hello. I noticed that there hasn't been any responses to your post. Have you located the information you were looking for? The office that I work in doesn't have any standardized protocols, no job descriptions, nor any type of new employee training manual or job duty check-offs. If you were able to locate the info. you requested, would you be willing to share your source? Thanks!
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    A really good book that might help is Nurses' Guide to Telephone Triage and Health Care.