Responsibilities of RN coordinator for family practice

  1. I was hired to be an RN care coordinator for a pilot program in a family practice clinic. I am wondering what responsibilities this position includes in other facilities. I refill medications following a protocol and contact patients with chronic diseases for follow-up. 90% of my time is spent at a computer or on the phone. I would like to see the position include more patient teaching and direct patient care. Can you help me with some ideas?
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  3. by   Psych4me
    hey are we working at the same place? I feel the same way at my job. I say Nurse visit. We need to utilize nurse visits to provide patient education, have a walk in schedule with the RN triaging... what else?
  4. by   walking nurse
    I think part of the challenge is trying to change the way doctors think about providing patient care. They all agree to use me to teach asthma action plans, glucose meter use to newly diagnosed diabetics, healthier diet and lifestyle to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, but I rarely get called to do any of these things. I would like to figure out a way to use patient waiting time, like maybe wandering through the lobby with a sign that says me "Ask me about how to lower your blood pressure." (just kidding). I am trying to think outside of the box. Some insurances won't reimburse for a nurse visit if the patient sees the doctor too, but if we could provide better management of chronic disease by finding a way to use time when patients are in the office anyway, I think it would be valuable, and it might cut down on the time the physician needs to spend with the patient or allow them to spend their time concentrating on things MDs must address, not issues RNs can handle.
  5. by   luvleee
    Wow. I just got hired as the RN Care Coordinator for our Pilot clinic. We're opening this Monday! So much planning, organization, learning... SO MUCH. But I am so excited

    I am doing a lot of "google"ing about the Care Coordinator Model and its relationship with the RN.

    It's definitely a role that, as pilots, we will be developing.

    It's very special.

    I'll also be starting graduate school with UAB, MSN for the Clinical Nurse Specialist role. Very much in line with the new job that I have been blessed with.

  6. by   walking nurse
    Congratulations. It is nice to hear from someone else who will be in this role. Now that I have been at it a little longer I have learned that one of the keys to success is pre-visit planning. If I identify patients needing some extra teaching and let the physicians know ahead of time they usually are very happy to let me spend time with their patients. Depending on the situation, I often will go into the exam room after the patient is roomed and before the doctor is ready to see them. Patients seem to like having someone spend time with them when they would be waiting anyway, as long as they know that they won't be kept waiting anyh longer because of it.