Pondering if I should apply for LPN position in neurologist's office

  1. There is an opening for LPN in neurologist's office. My sister is encouraging me to apply for this job. My only concern is that it is FT, and I am only looking for PT now. I have not worked in 4 yrs. due to illness, which has stabilized. She believes that I have a very good chance at getting this job as she knows the hiring manager very well. I explained my concerns about jumping into a FT position, but she seems to feel that it would be an easy position. I am currently on disability and would be able to collect it for one year while working PT. If I work FT, then my disability is terminated. I have never worked in drs. office. I have worked inpatient in behavioral health.
    Any LPNs working in neuro o.p.? If so, what is your day like? What are your duties in the job?
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  3. by   semiller36545
    It's only my opinion, of course, but it really doesn't seem worth risking your disability . Maybe something part-time would let you see if you're ready without a full-time committment or jeoprodizing your disability.

    Good luck either way.