1. 0 I have been offered an office management position for a dermatologist. I have told her in the past I wanted to work as an RN in her office. Now since her OM quit, she thinks it is a great opportunity for me. But it is just front office work, and I would not get to work with patients much, because there are already enough RN's. What do you all think? Wouldn't it kind of be like taking a step down...like the opposite of a promotion?
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    What are your goals? Making things run smoothly can be very rewarding, which is ideally what an office manager does. There are so many different opportunities in nursing - you don't have to be doing what you typically think of as nursing tasks to be making a difference in the care provided to patients.

    If you feel like the duties you would be performing are ones you would enjoy and would be competent at, and the pay is satisfactory, go for it!

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