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    Hi everyone

    I have a question. I was wondering if new RNs were ever hired to work in outpatient surgery. I will be 42 years old when I graduate from NS and currently work as an aide and run around the hospital like a maniac trying to give my patients the care and attention they deserve. When I graduate I would like to not have to run around so much and feel ambulatory surgery would enable me to do this. Has anyone heard of new grads being hired for these positions or is it preferred that we get a couple of years of floor nursing under our belts. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Peace and grace.


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    Hi Heather, It is unusual for a new grad to get hired in surgery, though not impossible. I worked for 2 1/2 years in the OR and if you don't want to run around like a maniac, than surgery is not for you. It can be very intense and stressful especially if complications arise. If you are still in school, maybe you could shadow a nurse during clinical and get the feel of the department.

    Good Luck
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    Outpatient surgery is something quite different from the regular ORs in many cases. Outpatient normally doesn't involve weekends or holidays, call maybe once every six weeks, etc. So these types of positions will normally be offered to in-house staff first, as well as seniority as an RN, as well.

    ORs do take new grads, provided that they have an intesive orientation in place for them. It just depened son where you are located and the educators in your facility, as well. Most areas will now hire new geads, but the ones that inlvolve no weekends or holidays, and usually nothing past 5 or 6 pm, will go to the nurse that has experience, and has "paid his or her dues" at the facility.
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