FQHC with no Medical Director

  1. I have been working at a Federally Qualified Health Center. Not only do we (still) not have a Nursing Supervisor, but we have not had a Medical Director for several months! I have been unable to find any information regarding whether or not this is illegal, but feel the situation is unsafe and our clinic is going from bad to worse. We have an executuve director who stays on her side of the building and knows absolutely nothing about running the floor of a clinic and refuses to make any decisions. I feel there are many patient safety issues, risk management issues and employee issues that are not being addressed. I have documented these issues and brought them to the director's attention as well as the board of directors, but nothing has changed. Obviously i am seeking other employment, but I am curious if it is against policy to run a rural FQHC without a medical director, and where that information can be found.

    Sincerely, Elprup
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