Does your state hire nurses for clinics/urgent cares?

  1. I'm in Ohio and I have worked about a yr in LTC and while I like my geriatrics I have always been interested in working in a clinic/urgent care setting, it's actually my childhood dream of being a clinic nurse. Ive found however these establishments only hire MA's. Urgent care is ALL MA's and and DR's office I've been in is strictly MA's with possibly one seasoned RN and that is rare. Even surgery centers. I am an LPN and have no desire to be a MA. Taking a pay cut would be worth it to me just for the experience but I've found 0 job postings and feel odd applying to places with no nurses currently working there. Can I apply to MA jobs? What can they do I cant? Is this nationwide or just where I live? Reason I ask is I looked into jobs in another state and found more LPN job postings for clinics etc. I am working on my RN but it seems I should just quit and become a MA in order to get the kind of job I want!
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  3. by   tothepointeLVN
    I recently started an assignment at a county clinic in Los Angeles that uses LVN's instead of MA's in both its normal clinics and its urgent care. So maybe look at local government facilities. Places like that are less likely to use MA's to save $$4
  4. by   shortscrubbs108
    Here in Missouri clinics use MAs, LPNs, and RNs in some specialty areas. The facility where I work lets the individual providers have a say whether they want an MA or a nurse. As an lpn, I make about $1.50/hr more than the MAs. I asked my supervisor if I get my Rn could I keep my job and she said yes, but I won't get much of a payraise. I am okay with that because like you I always wanted to be a clinic nurse and I just love my job.
    You could always call some clinics in your area and ask if you could apply for a position with the understanding that you may get paid as an MA. Here our scope of practice far outstretches what MAs can do. Also as we are taught critical thinking along with everything else in school, some providers are more enthusiastic about having a nurse to assist them.
    Good luck, clinic nursing is great, I hope you find a position
  5. by   walking nurse
    Minnesota uses mostly LPNs and CMAs, but the clinic I am presently working in is starting to hire more RNs. They will be used as nurse managers over different areas of the clinic, such as pediatrics, family practices, the women's center, and internal medicine. They are also hiring more RNs to be care coordinators. That is what I do. So far, it is mostly a paperwork job, and I miss the patient contact. If you can get a clinic job, even as an MA or LPN as you finish your training, I would recommend it. Clinic nursing is unique and any clinic experience you can put on a resume will probably help to land that job. My favorite clinic job was working as an urgent care nurse. It is usually fast paced with lots of variety.
  6. by   NurseHopefulInOH
    Thanks! Ive been applying for MA jobs explaining I can perform all the tasks required of a MA and would really love the experience....still no responses though