Cold calls to get ambulatory care job?

  1. I hate my job in LTC. I have an anxiety problem, and it gets worse each day with my job. I want to go back to ambulatory care. I managed my anxiety much better with that kind fo work. I worked for a dermatologist and loved it, but I had to quit, because I couldn't survive on just the $13/hr she was paying me. The problem is, I've been looking through the ads for weeks and don't see any openings for ambulatory care. I originally got my foot in the door at the derm office by making cold calls. Wondering if I should try that again? Just call up different offices and see if they need an RN? Or should I go out and deliver resumes in person? I'm feeling down and depressed that there is nothing out there for me.

    Bottom it rude to do cold calls or show up in person?
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  3. by   Little Panda RN
    I think with the way the economy is at this time, there is nothing wrong with calling and enquiring about a job, for that matter going in person might be even better, it shows ambition. Good luck with your job search!
  4. by   Randy.RN
    Hi. I am a Nurse manager at an ambulatory facility and I have to tell you that I receive cold calls from nurses looking for a job. I personally do not care for that method because I am a 'working' nurse manager who is not always in a position or available to discuss that at the moment the call comes in.
    From my experience I appreciate a nice 'easy-to-read' professinally executed resume. Either faxing, emailing, or dropping it off at the front window for me which includes a short simple note and intro about yourself.
    I do get several interested candidates, inquiries, and apps a month of nurses looking for a job. The positions at my center rarely become open because it's a competitive position being no nights, no weekends, no "on call".

    I compile all submitted resumes and when the time comes that I am going to hire I pull the resumes and review and pull out the best candidates for a phone interview. From there, I meet face to face with the best of those, and so forth. I will tell you...please write an "objective" statement on your resume that is specific to the job you're desiring at that facility, and clearly identify if you're looking for Full Time, Part Time, PRN, or Per Diem.

    Bottom line...a killer resume submitted to the hiring manager is huge...along with a word of mouth reference from someone on the inside if you can network...that's always a bonus.
    And be realistic about your desired salary....I can tell you, applicants can get dismissed quick when their salary requests are way out of range.
  5. by   jjosephrn
    What is a realistic salary for RNs in an outpatient setting? I know it varies depending on the location. It would be nice to have an idea. Also is it a major difference between inpatient and outpatient RN salary?
  6. by   Randy.RN
    Salary will definitely vary depending on a few variables such as...the region, the specialty, the shift, employment status, and even the level of need by the hiring facility. In general, ambulatory facilities pay more when they are closer to a major metropolitan area....because they need to compete with other nearby centers. I have found the further you are in rural communities the salaries can potentially get lower...but maybe not.
    Another varibale that is considered when offering a salary to an employee is how much specific experience does the applicant have to the job...a nurse with 10 years outpatient ambulatory experience at an ASC within their speacialty will evoke a higher salary than a nurse with, lets say no outpatient experience.
    Outpatient facilities need lots of flexibility from employees due to the nature of the surgery world and the fluctuating case loads, so having a very flexible schedule of availability is a plus.
    Can't say enough about having excellent interview skills.
    Salary in my area near Dallas Texas for outpatient can range from $29/hr - $35/hr, with $30-$32 the average.
    Hope that helps.
  7. by   jjosephrn
    Thank you! You have no idea how helpful that information was! I just did not want to sound ridiculous when discussing the salary range. I read in some of the forums about RNs getting low 20s/hour and that really concerned me. So from what you said, a desired salary of $35 or so would not sound unreasonable.

    Thank you for your prompt response!
  8. by   mamalle
    ambulatory care pays cheeper.. I have been making $28.00 perdiem for 4 years now. fulltime makes less than that.