My fellow nurses out there, I need your opinion on my situation. After working in the hospital setting for 4 years, I decided to venture out to experience the clinical setting. So now i work at a... Read More

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    Thanks everyone with your replies. Really appreciate it. I will surely take each one of your advice and contact the BON in my state or try to find out more about the tasks delegated to the MA's.

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    The way I understand it, in the state that I live in, the MA works under the doctor's license, so she can do whatever she has been trained to do, and the doctor feels comfortable with her doing.
    I was a nurse that worked in a clinic with MAs, and it always bothered me and I thought it was very disrespectful that they called them nurses, when they were not. They were all really good at their jobs, but it just never sat well with me (or any of the other nurses). That's a big part of the reason I am not there anymore
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    I just started in a small clinic as a new RN and asked this same question! I'm in CA. I have seen so many things that do not seem legal to me. Message me anytime, it seems we are going through similar adventures.

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