Ambulatory care at Kaiser?

  1. Anyone worked ambulatory care clinic nursing at Kaiser? How do you like it? What does a typical day look like for you? I'm an acute care RN looking for a change, and I am interested in this area (Kaiser has some jobs here). Thanks.
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  3. by   ERnewbieRN
    I recently took on a position as a supervisor of a Kaiser medical office building that encompasses family practice, internal medicine, infectious disease, allergy, OB/gyn, urgent care, ophthalmology, and GI. My position is part-time and involves sharing the supervision of urgent care, ophthalmolgy, and GI with 2 full-time supervisors. I know the RN's who work there generally work in urgent care and GI, with some RN's working in the modular areas as advice nurses.

    In general, working for Kaiser is very desirable... great benefits, excellent pay, strong union. Generally it's a little difficult to get into because of its desirability, but even if all you can get at first is a per diem or part-time position and you would like full-time, chances are you will be able to bid on one of these positions as it becomes available. This happens often as a lot of the nurses working in outpatient settings are nearing retirement and their positions open up frequently.

    Good luck and I hope you get more feedback from someone who has actual staff RN experience in the ambulatory setting I know I have enjoyed my experience with Kaiser thus far.