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Win CASH! 12th Nursing Caption Contest - $100 - page 14

Win $100! Participate in our 12th Caption Contest. Good afternoon nurses. Your mission is to provide a caption to the cartoon below. You may submit as many captions as you wish. You have 1 ... Read More

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    You don't know this now but one day you will thank me. Before you accept any gifts from this guy make sure you have made him sign a prenuptial agreement.
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    Sir, the man in the Quaker suit standing behind me is our unit manager. He says he is sorry you were given the wrong discharge instructions yesterday. It was supposed to say "keep the dressing on your wounded knee clean and dry" not "keep clean and dry and dressed like you we're at wounded knee."
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    It will be hard, but maybe the best way to give up smoking your peace pipe is to go cold turkey.
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    Thanks to you two, I get to work 12 hours straight short-handed while my friends and family eat, drink and be merry. I hope it was worth it.
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    My first day off in a whole week and the second I am on call, you call me in for this?! Fight your own battles.
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    "I don't care if your starving, nobody eats until you WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!"
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    So we're all thankful for our health, right? I know we call it a "food coma", but are you familiar with the term "diabetic coma"? I'll be serving second helpings of insulin if anyone's still hungry.
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    You know entire civilizations have been whipped out by beginnings such as this....If only a good NP had been present, maybe to get a H & P?
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    We are going to have to put all you savages in isolation!
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    What do you mean there's no coffee and vending machines?!
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    .... Cook turkey thoroughly and remember wash your hands..... Wash your hands........wash your hands!
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    ...and you'll get time and a half if you work the holiday...
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    My caption quote " Visiting Nursing..we go anywhere..who's first?"